A police officer is facing a disciplinary hearing after he was accused of behaving inappropriately with a student officer.

PC John Seaman made unwanted comments about photographs of the female officer before trying to kiss her when he pulled over in a layby after they met up off duty, it is alleged.

The officer, who was working as a temporary Detective Sergeant for Cleveland Police at the time of the allegations, is also accused of making the complainant feel uncomfortable when he gave her a hug on his last day on secondment to CID.

According to the force website, the officer will answer allegations that his conduct amounts to a breach of Standards of Professional Behaviour, in respect of: Authority, Respect and Courtesy, and Discreditable Conduct.

  • On a date or dates unknown in August 2022 the officer suggested to PC A, that he found her attractive and spoke about photographs of her when she was younger in a sexual manner, making her feel uncomfortable about his motives.
  • On or about August 22, 2022, the officer went out for a drink with PC A because it was his last day on CID. Afterwards he gave PC A, a hug, which made her feel uncomfortable.
  • On or about August 25, 2022, the officer arranged to meet up with PC A off-duty and met with her at Saltburn. He then drove PC A towards Guisborough and pulled up in a layby in a secluded area. Whilst parked the officer tried to kiss PC A, which made her feel uncomfortable.

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It is alleged that the officer breached the Standards of Professional Behaviour, as follows:

Allegation One

That by making inappropriate and/or sexually suggestive comments to PC A, about her appearance that you breached the ‘Authority, Respect and Courtesy’ and/or ‘Discreditable Conduct’ standards of the Standards of Professional Behaviour.

Allegation Two

That by hugging and/or trying to kiss PC A, a student officer that you breached the ‘Authority, Respect and Courtesy’ and/or ‘Discreditable Conduct’ standards of the Standards of Professional Behaviour.

The force website says the breaches of the Standards of Professional Standards are so serious that they individually and cumulatively amount to gross misconduct.

The officer’s disciplinary hearing will take place on Monday January 8 at 10am at Scotswood House, Thornaby.