Many stores have come and gone from Teesside Park this year –  and we have compiled a full list of every opening and closure this year.

Businesses such as Mamas and Papas, Lush and B&M have all opened locations at the retail park this year.

They are joined by popular food giant Wagamama, which opened its doors on Unit 19A on December 4.

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Meanwhile, other retailers such as New Look and USC have left, or will soon leave, Teesside Park.

Clothing giant Primark is expected to make its way to the park next year along with Flannels.

Adding to this, Nike have potentially teased moving into the unit next to the former New Look store.

Here is a full list of all the openings and closures in 2023:


B&M – The discount retailer opened its doors in the old Toys R Us unit on Teesside Park on November 23.

Wagamama - Wagamama opened its new store on December 4 within the premises of Unit 19A.

Lush – The store opened at the retail park on December 8 taking over half of a unit previously occupied by Mamas and Papas.

Mamas and Papas – The retailer opened its new store in the retail park on March 3, moving to a 4,000-plus sq ft unit at the retail park next to Superdrug.


New Look – The clothing giant closed its doors on July 7.

USC – Signs in the window of the retailer confirming it is planned to close in December. Discount signs have popped up on the front of the store.