Geordie actors from the legendary comedy series Auf Wiedersehen, Pet will be reunited at a special event next year.

The hit television series, which first aired in 1983, followed three brickies who left the region to find work on a German building site.

Actors and the crew will come together at Newcastle's City Hall in May to look back at the show's legacy, with performances, bloopers and anecdotes.

The Northern Echo: Jimmy Nail played Oz in the hit show Jimmy Nail played Oz in the hit show (Image: Contributor)Jimmy Nail, who played bricklayer Oz, said: “For this 40th-anniversary concert, I’ll be dusting off my duds and performing a selection of country-themed songs, some with an AWP connection along with some of my own compositions.

“It’s also an opportunity to get together with friends and connect with the show’s fans, young and old, to celebrate this extraordinary milestone.”

Auf Wiedersehen, Pet ran for two series in the 1980s and returned for another series, and a two-part special, in 2002 and 2004.

The comedy made household names of the seven lead actors: Tim Healy, Kevin Whately, Jimmy Nail, Gary Holton, Christopher Fairbank, Pat Roach and Timothy Spall.

Holton, who played Londoner Wayne, died in 1985 during filming of the second series.

The event on May 11 will be hosted by comedian Jason Cook.

Proceeds from the tribute show will be split equally between performing arts charity The Sunday for Sammy Trust and cancer charity FACT.

Organisers have said Kevin Whately and Tim Healy are among the names confirmed for the night.

The Northern Echo: Kevin Whately, Jimmy Nail and Tim Healy who played Neville, Oz and Dennis in the series Kevin Whately, Jimmy Nail and Tim Healy who played Neville, Oz and Dennis in the series (Image: Contributor)Tim Healy, who played reluctant leader Dennis Patterson and was born in Newcastle, said: "I'll never forget Jimmy [Nail] and I travelling down to London in my 1973 Triumph Spitfire with our cases tied on the back to start filming Auf Pet."

Franc Roddam, the creator of Auf Wiedersehen, Pet said: “The production exceeded all my expectations; Ian La Frenais and Dick Clement wrote incredible scripts, and the brilliant actors made the characters iconic.

“Apart from the pleasure of seeing all the magnificent plots and outstanding performances, the greatest pleasure is the joy it has created for millions of people around the UK.

“There is not a day that passes when a taxi driver or somebody I meet in the street will not compliment me on the effect it’s had on their lives.

“Television is a communal activity, and, in this case, all the elements came together to create what is now a legendary series.

“I watch it as a fan. I much appreciate the upcoming celebration and further joy it will bring to all the fans.”

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Andy Patrick and Lee Barratt, the team responsible for the Official Auf Wiedersehen Pet Fan Site, have worked tirelessly to bring fans a 40th Anniversary Celebration to remember. 

Andy said: “Over recent months, we’ve invited fans to tell us what they’d like to see, hear, and experience as part of our ongoing 40th Anniversary Celebrations, which has helped us shape a unique, unmissable event to mark this incredible milestone.

“And what better venue to host us than the ‘O2 City Hall Newcastle’ with its foundations firmly rooted in Tyneside and legacy steeped in Geordie history. “It’s as much a part of Newcastle as the lads themselves.”

For ticket information contact the box office on 0191-249-6050.