A non-league football club with a proud history has launched a fundraising appeal in order to raise £120,000 to ‘save the club.’

Marske United has confirmed it is looking to raise the cash in the next two weeks to remain in the Northern Premier League (NPL).

Officials confirmed the club have been suspended from the league due to a change in “the structure of the football club”.

This is due to the club moving to a limited company structure and the transferring of ownership resulting from this.

Meeting the requirements of the NPL and the FA to achieve this transition could take several weeks.

Speaking about the appeal and the club’s future, manager Graeme Lee said: “The club at the moment [are] financially struggling.

"In the last six weeks or so, we knew we had some problems but we had a plan to move forward and turn the club into a limited company, we were going to sell some shares and get some investment.

“That was our hope, if it came off, that we would be able to move the club to the end of the season at least. Unfortunately, the process to get that has been stopped at the moment.

“We need some funds to come into the club as soon as possible really to help fulfil the fixtures this season at least.

“We can only hope and see, there’s a lot of football people out there, a lot of people who love football in the North East, a lot of Marske who this has been their life. Hopefully, the odd pound here and there might make a massive difference for us going forward.

“If we can raise the money to fulfil this season, it would be absolutely amazing. That’s all we want, we don’t want these gates to close.”

He added the worst case scenario is the club will have to restart but they do not want this to happen and are hoping to raise the funds to avoid this.

He said it has been difficult for coaches and players and has impacted training, and praised their hard work and performances in spite of the situation.

He added: “No one wants the club to be in this situation and everyone regarding the club, from the players and the staff, we’re doing all we can.

“There’s so many good people behind the scenes who are fighting for this club to move forward, and a lot of the fans, if you can help in any way, then step forward and help.

“If it’s just helping with buckets collecting money or helping with donations, whatever you can, everyone’s fighting for this club to stay alive and fulfil this season, and that’s what we want to do.”

They said they are not allowed to issue shares in the Limited Company of Marske United Football Club Limited, and added those who have purchased shares will have their money refunded.

A Marske United spokesperson said: “A decision was made on the 10th December 2023 by the members and committee of the previous controlling entity, that the club revert back to this entity and ask the NPL to lift our suspension after providing the required documentation.

“It is still the clubs intention to move to a limited company status in the summer when time is available for the correct procedure to be followed.

“All those who have previously purchased shares will have all monies refunded in the near future. Please bear with us on this matter as there are several hundred purchasers to be contacted and monies refunded.

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“However, the club still need to raise substantial sums in a very short period of time in order to remain in the NPL for the remainder of the season and to this end, the club have set up a Just Giving page to try and save the club.

“We hope that everyone will get behind the club which will then allow football to continue at Marske.”

The fundraiser has raised £3,715 of its £120,000 target at the time of writing. You can find the fundraiser here.