Four North East locations have been named as the cheapest locations for house prices in the UK, with all of the locations averaging below £65,000. 

The list, which has been put together by, shows that all of the locations are inside the affordable High Streets in the UK, with Sunderland coming out as the cheapest.

Sunderland High Street is the most affordable High Street in the UK, with an average price of just £52K – that’s over £800,000 less than the highest.

The Northern Echo: Houses on a street up for saleHouses on a street up for sale (Image: PA MEDIA)

Almost all of the top 10 most affordable High Street homes are either in the North East or Wales.

Sunderland is joined by Crook, Willington and Houghton-le-Spring in the North East, while Wales has Port Talbot, Ferndale, Mountain Ash, Ebbw Vale and Tonypandy on the list. Only Warrington in Cheshire is the outlier.

Nathan Emerson, CEO of Propertymark said: “We know that the most expensive homes in England are in the south, so it is expected that this would follow suit when reporting on various other categories or credentials of properties.”

Here's the list: 

  • Sunderland - £52,077 
  • Port Talbot - £53,874
  • Ferndale - £55,514
  • Mountain Ash - £60,267
  • Crook - £60,863
  • Willington - £63,006
  • Warrington - £64,507
  • Houghton Le Spring £65,946
  • Ebbw Vale - £67,100
  • Tonypandy - £67,347

Over the past 10 years, the most popular property types for sale on High Streets were, unsurprisingly, flats (35.4 per cent), followed by terrace properties (30.2 per cent), according to

Detached homes made up 19.4 per cent of all property sales and semi-detached the remaining 14.9 per cent.

New builds only made up eight per cent of all property sales on High Streets in the past 10 years. Of these, the majority (91 per cent) were flats, reflecting the direction city centre housing is moving.

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Detached homes were the most expensive with an average sale price of £488K, compared to terrace homes average of just £252K – a difference of £236K.

Mr Emerson added: “With populations growing, especially in the south, flats are more common and more affordable when looking to step onto the property ladder. “It is unsurprising that newly built homes make up little of the total number of homes for sale given that the UK Government is lacking in building an adequate provision for an ever-growing population.

“As well as this, newly built homes are also being built on available land which is often slightly outside of towns and in turn, high streets.”