Police are warning shoplifters that they’ll continue to work with retailers and their security staff in the ongoing fight against thefts from shops.

A man has been sentenced to three months in prison for theft as police warn shoplifters they could face similar consequences.

Callum Jack Hunter, 25, was handed a 12-week prison sentence after stealing from a North East shop on several occasions.

The Northern Echo:

He was arrested on December 6 and questioned in connection with the theft of coffee on November 29, and again, alongside the theft of electrical equipment, on December 1.

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He was charged and appeared at court the following day where the custodial sentence was handed to him.

Neighbourhoods Inspector Neil Deluce said: “Retail crime affects stores, their staff and ultimately the honest majority of customers since the cost of stolen items is often passed on.

“Those who believe they can help themselves to whatever they like from shops should be warned that we’ll continue to work with retailers and our local authority partners to tackle this crime, doing all we can to bring offenders before the courts where a custodial sentence is a real possibility.”