Police have issued a statement in connection with a response car that crashed into a Darlington home on Sunday (December 3) evening. 

Emergency services were spotted at the scene of a collision that saw a police car hit a house on Elmfield Terrace.

The incident is thought to have happened at around 7.30pm this evening (December 3).

The Northern Echo: Police car hit Darlington house

Pictures from the scene showed a police car ploughed through the front wall of the property.

The front bumper of the car has also smashed the downstairs window.

In the aftermath of the collision, Durham Police has now issued a statement about the incident - highlighting that the armed response vehicle was on its way to apprehend a suspect who was threatening members of the public with a knife. 

A spokesperson for the police force said: "A police car has collided with a house while travelling on an immediate response to an incident in which a man had threatened members of the public with a knife.

"The specialist Armed Response Vehicle was travelling on blue lights on Elmfield Terrace, in Darlington, when it left the road and collided with the front of a house at around 7.25pm today.

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Police say that no one was injured during the incident, but a police office has been taken to hospital as a precaution.

The spokesperson added: "A structural engineer is due to attend the scene and assess the damage to the building. People are asked to avoid the area if possible.

"Officers have located and arrested a suspect in connection with the earlier incident."