Chocolate lovers are going crazy about a Cadbury fan favourite that has made an unexpected return to B&M stores earlier than usual ahead of Christmas.

Shoppers received a surprise when they found Cadbury Creme Eggs on B&M shelves recently. 

The popular Cadbury chocolate is synonymous with Easter and isn't usually found in stores until the lead-up to the holiday (which takes place early in the new year). 

The Northern Echo: Cadbury Creme Eggs are back on UK shelves earlier than usual in 2023.Cadbury Creme Eggs are back on UK shelves earlier than usual in 2023. (Image: PA)

But Creme Eggs have returned to B&M stores earlier this year, much to the delight of shoppers. 

Fans have shared pictures on social media of their discovery with many showing off the box of five Cadbury Creme Eggs, which are available now, containing a white version, two normal Creme Eggs and two caramel ones.

Unexpected early return of Cadbury Creme Eggs has Brits changing their choice of chocolate this Christmas

The discovery of Creme Eggs before Christmas has shoppers changing their festive traditions and looking to swap out the likes of the usual go-tos of Quality Street and Celebrations for the Easter treat

Commenting on a Facebook post from Newfoodsuk, showing a picture of the box Creme Eggs, one person said: "I would like some of these for Christmas please mum."

Another chocolate fan added: "Who needs Christmas chocolates when we can have Easter chocolates."

A third person commented: "We can have a cream egg at Christmas now (with a smiley face emoji)."

Another said: "Well i know what i can get as xmas stocking filler."

A fifth user commented: "Haven’t had Xmas yet, would anyone like these rather than the annual chocolate orange."

@newfoodspotteruk White creme eggs are back in @B&M Stores!!😮‍💨🫨👀 These are a top 10/10!😋 #bmstores #newfoodfindsuk #newfoodspotteruk #fypシ #whitecremeegg ♬ original sound - StargfniBadaLee 💙

Some people weren't convinced however that Easter Eggs before Christmas was such a good idea.

One person added: "Of course they are, we havent had christmas yet and the easter eggs are out!"

Another person commented: "What next? Halloween? I guess it's only 11 and a half months away."

While a third person, commenting a TikTok video by newfoodspotteruk, said: "Its not even December this is getting earlier and earlier."

Cadbury Creme Eggs are not the only Easter chocolate to return to shelves early, with shoppers also reporting Mini Eggs and Mini Egg Bars are also back at B&M.