Nestle is making changes to two of the most popular Quality Street chocolates ahead of the upcoming Christmas season.

Quality Street fans will notice changes to two of the most iconic chocolate flavours - The Purple One and Orange Crunch. 

But there is no need to worry, the change is only for a limited time and the chocolates will still taste the same.

This latest change comes just weeks after Quality Street revealed it would be bringing back the 'fan-favourite' Coffee Creme flavour for Christmas 20 years after it was discontinued.

What changes are Quality Street making to the two iconic chocolates?

The chocolatiers have modified the appearance of The Purple One and Orange Crunch for the upcoming festive period, according to The Mirror.

Currently, Orange Crunch is the shape of a hexagon and The Purple one is a rounded oval-like shape.

For a limited time, both chocolates will be shaped like the Caramel Swirl - which is one of the rounder chocolates in the gold wrapper.

While the shapes of the two chocolates will change, the colour of the wrappings will remain the same so people are still able to tell the difference.

For those Caramel Swirl lovers out there, don't worry despite the shape changes to the other two chocolates, this classic chocolate will remain the same.

For those fans hoping to get their hands on one of these limited-edition chocolates they will not be in every tub, so here's where to find them. 

The newly shaped Purple Ones will only be available in The Purple One chocolate bags.

As for the new Orange Crunch, they will be included in specially marked tubs of Quality Street, so be sure to check the tub before you buy to make sure it contains the limited-edition chocolate.

Both will only be available to but for a limited time so get in quick as not to miss out. 

Quality Street senior brand manager, Jemma Handley speaking to The Mirror, said: "We are trialling a different shape for two of our sweets this Christmas season.

"We know how iconic Quality Street sweets are and we have made sure that it is the same great-tasting Purple One and Orange Crunch that people know and love inside their iconic coloured wrappers."