A Darlington-born singer won over the heart of one judge on ITV’s hit show The Voice last night (November 25) and earned a spot in the next round of the competition.

28-year-old full-time singer Katie Coleman successfully earned a place on team Will.I.Am after a powerhouse performance of Aretha Franklin’s 1967 hit (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman.

In a short video featuring her loved ones before she took the stage, Katie explained her inspiration comes from her grandmother who sung in clubs.

The Northern Echo: Katie Coleman.Katie Coleman. (Image: ITV)

Katie said: “I sing weddings, clubs, functions, and corporate events, but I do love it and cannot complain – it’s not a typical 9-5.

“My nanna used to sing in clubs back in the day for sailors and army men. I used to listen to her growing up and thought – I want a bit of that.

“When I sing, I am transported to another place. I’m just filled with joy and I don’t want to do anything else.”

She added: “I think this competition is a way out of the typical gigs I’ve been doing which are amazing but they’re not on this scale. This is huge.

“This is my one chance to give it everything I’ve got and leave my heart out on the stage.”

The Northern Echo: Katie Coleman.Katie Coleman. (Image: ITV)

Breaking into song, Katie’s first notes led to resounding cheers of support from the audience before close-ups on the judges revealed she had piqued their interest.

In particular, Olly and Will.I.Am exchanged glances throughout the song as the Dance with me tonight hitmaker looked like he was about to turn for Katie.

But, it was Will who pressed his button during the last line of the song and turned for a highly flustered Katie who could only exclaim “woah”.

Judge Olly Murs began the feedback: “I’m so gutted, honestly. Why did I not press my button – you were fantastic!”


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He added Katie’s performance was “brilliant from top to bottom”.

Sir Tom Jones said: “You have an incredible voice with an incredible range. If you had done half of what you did it still would have been fantastic.

“You’re a great singer and I really loved what you did.”

Before stepping forward to hug Katie, Will.I.Am joked about the “boom” her voice exuded. He said: “You’re in – and you’re freaking awesome!”