Residents have had their say on developments which have now begun on a popular North Yorkshire seafront.

Saltburn residents have had a mixed reaction after construction work on Marine Parade's promenade began in September.

The development will see 100 new parking bays added to the road, with the road being widened to make room.

Lampposts in the area have been pushed back to make room for the new spaces as work continues on the project.

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The Northern Echo:

Callum Williams, who lives on Garnet Street, said he did not like the changes and believes the development will change the vibe of the town.

He said: "We don't like it. We like having a nice big path, it adds a lot of character to the area. 

"With it shrinking so much, we think it's going to completely change the vibe.

"Parking's always an issue, obviously a lot of tourists come, I think we need a different area for parking rather than making the path smaller.

"Everyone uses this path and it's going to be a lot smaller and a lot more crowded.

"We hadn't heard about it until it [all] started moving. I'm not a fan."

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He said he would prefer them to invest in a separate car park rather than go ahead with the Marine Parade plans.

The Northern Echo:

Clive Morris and Irene, from Marske-by-the-Sea, said their only concern about the changes was the potential introduction of parking charges.

Mr Morris said: "They've been trying it for so long, I don't think they're ever going to give up.

"I think the people in Saltburn don't want it, and I don't see why they should have to have it.

Brian Green, from Saltburn, said he believes the works will benefit the area with extra parking, but is worried over potential parking charges being implemented.

He said he was not concerned over the loss of the promenade and believes it needs to be updated to fit with modern times.

The Northern Echo:

Mr Green said: "It should be good for extra parking, I don't personally think we'll lose an awful lot of promenade.

"When the promenade was built, it was a different time, a different era. Now vehicles are extremely important to people's lives, like it or hate it.

"I think there are positives. [There will] probably be parking charges implemented, whether that will have an effect, I don't know.

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The Northern Echo:

"It's been free parking for many, many years and I expect parking charges will come in along here. [I'm] a bit ambivalent if I'm honest."

Activist group Saltburn Against Promenade Changes has launched a fundraiser following their protest last month.

The group are hoping to raise funds with the goal of holding a full public consultation with Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council.

The Northern Echo: