Newcastle United's manager has joined the host of names who have paid tribute to and mourned a beloved North East landmark.

Newcastle United manager Eddie Howe said he was left saddened by the Sycamore Gap tree's felling at a pre-match press conference today (September 29).

The Magpies boss said he had been left feeling down after not being able to enjoy the landmark before it was found cut down on Thursday (September 28).

He added he had been left disappointed that anyone could carry out this type of action and destroy "such a beautiful thing."

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He said: "I'm really, really sad that I wasn't able to get there before what happened.

"I'm really saddened by it. I don't quite know how to describe it.

"When I heard the news, I was just so disappointed that an act can ruin something that's there for the pleasure of everybody and it's such a beautiful thing.

"Very sad."

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The coach was joined by voices across the North East and the country in condemning the ruinous act which saw one of Northumberland's icons cut down.

As the North East mourns, Northumberland native Robson Green has expressed his devastation at the act of "vandalism" exacted on the tree.

In a statement on Instagram, he said: "

"Devastated. The news of the vandalism of this iconic Northumbrian landmark at Sycamore Gap has left everyone stunned and disheartened.

"This once beautiful tree, known for its sprawling branches and vibrant foliage, now bears the scars of senseless destruction.

"What was once a source of inspiration and solace has become a painful reminder of the callousness that can reside in people.

The devastation is not only limited to the physical damage inflicted upon the tree. The emotional toll on the people who cherished this natural landmark will be immeasurable.

"The tree had become a part of our identity, a symbol of our heritage and the enduring spirit of the region."

Meanwhile, Hairy Biker Si King condemned the act as destroying a "sentinel of time and elemental spirit of Northumberland."

In a video on X, formerly known as Twitter, he said: "I hope whoever has done that has a conscience because you've just murdered a sentinel of time and elemental spirit of Northumberland. 

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"I hope you feel really good about yourself for whatever warped reason you've done it. It's shocking.

"I'm beyond words."

A 16-year-old boy has been released on bail following an arrest carried out by Northumbria Police yesterday (September 28) in relation to the incident.