A popular North East pub and restaurant has teased residents regarding a fireworks display ahead of Bonfire Night.

The Victoria Inn in Washington has teased patrons on social media regarding a fireworks display on November 5.

In a post online, the venue questioned residents on whether they should hold the event this year.

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A spokesperson for The Victorian Inn said: "Sunday 5th November 2023."

"Shall we do the fireworks this year?"

Residents had a mixed reaction to the news with some looking forward to a big show, while others urged the pub to rethink the celebration and consider a 'silent' display.

One worried resident said: "Please don't. A few minutes of instant gratification for some people, hell for animals and the environment.

"Perhaps the year to be kind. Perhaps the year to be proactive - and promote silent ones."

Another eager resident said: "Yeah definitely! Silent or not silent, for one evening a year, it brings the community together.

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"However, have you heard Washington on bonfire night? I don't think one 'silent' display will make much of a difference."

Another said: "If the Vic has a display then it’s 15 minutes of loud noises at a controlled environment for many, many families.

"However, if they don’t have one, then there will be many home/park/field displays/set offs at many different times in the area going off over the evening."