A new North Yorkshire councillor has been decided following voting yesterday (September 28).

David Hugill of The Conservative Party has been elected as the new councillor for Hutton Rudby and Osmotherley following a by-election on Thursday.

The contest for the North Yorkshire position was triggered by the resignation of councillor Bridget Fortune.

The Labour Party withdrew their candidate as they were not going to stand in the election.

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39 per cent of the 5,077 electorate turned out for the vote.

David Hugill said winning the North Yorkshire Council division of Hutton Rudby and Osmotherley, a traditional Conservative area, had been the result of hard work canvassing by party activists.

In his acceptance speech, he said: "It has been dominated by so-called Tory in-fighting and I think it’s time to call on the innkeepers of that place to do what all good innkeepers do – that is to get rid of the people who are doing the fighting.

“We’ve put in the hard yards in on this one and it’s great to get that result. Rest assured, we have somebody now in place who will do the job and keep fighting for Hutton Rudby and Osmotherley.”

The result, which appeared to come as a huge relief to party members attending the count at Northallerton Civic Centre, means the decades-long Conservative control of County Hall, with half of the 90 elected members, is re-established, particularly following a recent agreement with three Independent councillors.

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Leading North Yorkshire Conservatives, including North Yorkshire Council leader Councillor Carl Les and the party’s mayoral candidate Councillor Keane Duncan congratulated Mr Hugill on his victory after the late-night count at Northallerton Civic Centre.

After the vote Mr Mortimer, a parish councillor, said many voters had been concerned about “getting the roads fixed and public services”, and that he would work with Coun Hugill to improve the situation for residents.

Mr Ross Russell said: “The Liberal Democrats got a good head start and made the Conservatives that they would have to fight for this. They have come out fighting in the last couple of weeks, but I suspect it is the long-term tribal approach to Conservatism that has won them the vote.”

A North Yorkshire Council spokesperson said: "David Hugill (The Conservative Party) has been elected to the Hutton Rudby and Osmotherley Division with 954 votes."

Finishing second in the poll was Liberal Democrat representative Duncan Russell who finished with 747 votes.

Allan Mortimer, The Green Party candidate, registered 243 votes at the poll.

Lee Derrick of the Yorkshire received 27 votes at the poll.

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Here are the full Election results for the Hutton Rudby and Osmotherley by-election.

Elected: David Hugill - The Conservative Party Candidate: 954 votes (48%)

Lee Derrick - Yorkshire Party: 27 votes (1%)

Allan Shaw Mortimer - The Green Party candidate: 243 (12%)

Duncan Ross Russell - Liberal Democrats: 747 votes (37%)