Friends and family of siblings Dyllon and Quinn Beadle have been left furious and upset after a council chopped back a tree at their memorial garden.

Quinn Beadle was 17 when she died in December 2018 after ending her own life in woodland not far from her home in Shildon, County Durham.

Her family initially wanted to chop down the tree where she was found, but it was her brother older Dyllon’s idea to turn it into a memorial to his sister and make it a symbol of hope.

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Ten months later Dyllon tragically ended his own life aged 21. He was found at his university home in Manchester.

The tree, the last thing Quinn touched, became centre of a memorial garden to the siblings.

But last Friday (September 15) friends and family discovered Durham County Council workers had chopped back the tree as part of works on the adjacent path, despite mum Tracey being assured it would only be “pruned”.

The Northern Echo: The tree has been totally cut back.The tree has been totally cut back. (Image: FAMILY)

Amy Gillham, 25, who was best friends with Dyllon from the age of 13, told the Echo: “It’s disgraceful. It’s the complete disregard that someone has looked at it, seen all the lights, and not hesitated to just cut it down.

“I don’t know how they can apologise. What can they do? They can’t put the tree back.”

Paying tribute to her friend she said he was “a hell of a lad”, adding, “there will never ever be anyone like Dyllon. It was the best friendship I’ve had.”

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Another of his friends Lauren Slater, 25, said: “I cried, I got really upset.

The Northern Echo: The tree was decorated with baubles, windchimes and lights.The tree was decorated with baubles, windchimes and lights. (Image: FAMILY)

“I just don’t understand who would take a look at it and still cut it down, it’s very obviously a memorial and it’s very well decorated.

“There’s a bench facing the tree with Quinn’s name on and a quote from Dyllon.

“It’s never going to feel the same again and I don’t think it’ll ever grow back because of how they’ve cut it.

“Tracey and Dave wanted to abolish the tree there and then but when people started placing flowers it was Dyllon who wanted to make it into what it is.”

The Northern Echo: Dyllon and Quinn Beadle.Dyllon and Quinn Beadle. (Image: FAMILY)

It was Tracey who discovered the shocking state of the tree while out for a walk last Friday (September 15).

Lights and windmills at the memorial were also left broken and trampled on the ground.

Durham County Council admitted the works were “not what had been agreed” and apologised for the “distress and upset caused”.

The Northern Echo: Dyllon's friends Lauren and Amy have been left upset by the council's actions.Dyllon's friends Lauren and Amy have been left upset by the council's actions. (Image: PUBLIC)

Susan Robinson, Durham County Council’s head of corporate property and land, said: “We sincerely apologise to the family of Dyllon and Quinn for the distress and upset caused.

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“The work that has been carried out was not what had been agreed and for that we would like to express our deepest regret.

“We have arranged to meet the family and it is, therefore, not appropriate for us to comment further until we have done so.”

Back in June mindless vandals damaged the garden, but a community effort saw it restored.