A mother who lost her children to tragedy has been left astounded after her community helped restore their memorial garden after it was vandalised.

Tracey Beadle, 42, from Shildon, lost her children, Quinn, 17, in December 2018 and Dyllon, 21, ten months later, after they tragically took their own lives.

The Northern Echo:

A memorial garden was set up in honour of the pair and Ms Beadle said it has served as a community symbol for those who have lost loved ones.

The garden was damaged last Wednesday (June 14) in a mindless act of vandalism which left the community and Ms Beadle shocked.

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The Northern Echo: The garden for Quinn and Dyllon before it was vandalisedThe garden for Quinn and Dyllon before it was vandalised (Image: Tracey Beadle)

She said her neighbour informed them the memorial had been vandalised before they had made their way to the garden.

Ms Beadle told The Northern Echo: "It was just... they had stamped on plants, they had pulled all the flowers up, broken lots of ornaments, lots of nice little things on the ground.

"Children pass it on their way down to the Railway Museum, we have lots of nice things for children to look at.

The Northern Echo:

"It was just a real mess really.

"It probably took them a few minutes to do it, but the impact, it's not just us who go to the memorial garden, the whole community use it."

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She added that others have asked their family if they can leave things at the memorial for people who they have lost.

Additionally, she said each week they visit the garden, they find something new placed there by a visitor.

She said they have contacted police and they are stepping up PCSO patrols in the area following the incident.

The Northern Echo:

Adding to this, they have had £100 in donations, which has been given to their neighbour Eric who tends the memorial, along with many gifted plants from the community.

"We were just absolutely devastated, the memorial garden's been there for four-and-a-half years and everyone has respected it until now," she added

"It was a nice place to be able to go and reflect.

"We've been very lucky, the community's really come together. What happened afterwards has really put our faith back in the community and in the people around us. 

"That has really restored our faith, what's happened since. The community astounds us all the time with their generosity."

The Northern Echo:

She said the garden is again looking "amazing" and thanked those who provided with support and donations.

Ms Beadle said they have recently started a peer support group in Darlington with charity Survivors of Bereavement through Suicide (SOBS).

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She said those looking for help can contact them on darlington@uksobs.org.

Samaritans is available, day or night, 365 days of the year.

You can call them for free on 116 123, email them at jo@samaritans.org, or visit www.samaritans.org to find your nearest branch.