An alcohol licence for a new European-style bar and cafe in Whitley Bay has been approved – despite some local opposition.

North Tyneside councillors have approved a premises licence for the upcoming ‘Cafe Amsterdam’ at 69, Victoria Terrace, Whitley Bay. The application did, however, meet some opposition from locals who claimed another bar so close to their homes would lead to anti-social behaviour.

Local Michelle Mooney told the council’s licensing sub-committee: “There has been a regeneration which has brought more bars and we need to be protected in residential streets.

"There are bars on Whitley Road and at Whitley Bay metro station and I’m really concerned that if there is a licensed premises on the road itself there will be more anti-social behaviour on the street.

“I can’t sleep in the front bedroom anymore. If I have my niece come over to stay we can’t watch the television in the front room in the evening at the weekend just because it is quite frightening to hear drunk, rowdy people.

“Lots of people have had their cars scratched, and people have been woken up because of fights.

“I don’t want not to be able to get out the bottom of my street because drunk people are standing outside. I welcome new business to Whitley Bay but that does not mean there needs to be licensed premises in a residential street.”

However, the licensing committee ultimately sided with the applicant, Mr Andrew Hickson, also a Whitley Bay resident, and approved his vision of a cafe and bar specialising in Dutch food and drink.

Mr Hickson told the committee that his establishment would encourage a more relaxed European approach to alcohol.

According to Mr Hickson, there would be no “stack it high, sell it cheap” ethos to the prospective watering hole, and it would attract a different kind of punter.

Mr Higson told the committee: ” I have travelled and experienced different beer cultures within Europe and further afield. I have also worked in licensed trade in this country and it always struck me how different it is on the continent. How much more relaxed it can be.

“It didn’t have to be the focus of a big night out, which this country is more associated with in its drinking habits. I noticed how the appreciation of alcohol and the method of socialising could be done differently.

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“Cafe Amsterdam was born out of my belief we can approach alcohol differently, that other places do it better, and I can offer that experience to other people, the people of Whitley Bay at the moment.

“I think I am in a position to provide that and I think there is a desire for that.”

The premises, formally Whitley Bean, has been allocated a license to sell alcohol between 11am and 10pm daily, closing at 10.30 pm.