A teenager and his brother are mourning the loss of both their parents who died suddenly within months of each other.

Robbie, 12, and Logan Clinton, 14, unexpectedly lost mum Shelley aged 50 on March 24 leaving them, dad Mike, and her older son Jack, 28, heartbroken.

But just four months later on July 27 Mike, a driving instructor, also passed away suddenly, leaving the Darlington boys orphaned.

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Their 19-year-old cousin Caitlin has now devoted herself to looking after the boys, taking them into her care.

The boys’ uncle, and Caitlin’s dad, Shane Smith said: “It was bad enough with my sister but to lose Mike so soon after has been horrendous.

The Northern Echo: The family when the boys were younger.The family when the boys were younger. (Image: NORTHERN ECHO)

“It has been very difficult for the boys. They haven’t even properly grieved for their mum yet. Mike was just trying to cope and process it himself.

“I think they’re angry at the world asking, ‘Why us?’.

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“Both of their deaths were unexpected.

“They were both the life of the party; they loved the family being around and doing things with the boys.

“The boys found Shelley on the morning on the living room floor. She was supposed to go on holiday the next week and was going to take her granddaughter with her.

The Northern Echo: Logan and Robbie ClintonLogan and Robbie Clinton (Image: NORTHERN ECHO)

“Mike’s granddaughter was due to visit him on the day he died. I was on holiday and tried ringing him, but he didn’t answer. The boys had a sleepover that night with their friends and said they thought he was still in bed.

“They went to go wake him and that’s when they found him. He was due to have pupils for driving lessons that day.

“He was only 41. I don’t know if he could have died from a broken heart.

“The boys reacted very badly – they were screaming. The neighbours came because they heard the noise.”

Shane’s daughter Caitlin has taken the boys under her wing despite being just five years older than Logan.

The Northern Echo: The family enjoying a day by the beach together.The family enjoying a day by the beach together. (Image: NORTHERN ECHO)

“I am very proud of her,” Shane added. “At 19-years-old she is putting her own life on hold to look after them.

“Shelley and Mike were really close with her, and she was at their house all the time.

“Caitlin said Shelley would want her to do it and they would do anything for her so she wanted to step up and do this for them.”

Caitlin is now trying to secure a home for herself and the boys to start their lives together.

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A fundraiser was launched last week by Darlington's Hurworth Albion FC, where Robbie plays for the under 13s, to raise money for the boys and has already accumulated more than £7,700 (as of August 15).

The Northern Echo: Mike and Shelley ClintonMike and Shelley Clinton (Image: NORTHERN ECHO)

Shane continued: “Me and Caitlin have cried over it, we didn’t expect so much love and kindness. She thought it might get a couple of hundred pounds.

“it’s going to be a big help finding them a home and getting them ready for school again.”

The football club is hosting a fundraising event to support Robbie and Logan on Sunday (August 20) from 9.30am involving a seven-a-side tournament in their memory with all funds raised going to the family.

Mike's funeral is to be held on September 8.