An unexplained cordon that is blocking off a long trail of damp sand has appeared in Darlington town centre.

The cordon, located on High Row in Darlington, appeared this morning as locals remain confused about its appearance.

On the other side of the cordon is sand, stretching towards Cooplands Bakery. 

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The Northern Echo: The unexplained cordon, with the damp sand.The unexplained cordon, with the damp sand. (Image: NORTHERN ECHO)

The sand appears to be wet, indicating it could be there to soak up a spillage. What that spillage is remains unknown.

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One local business owner said they had been guessing the reasoning for the cordon all morning, confirming it was not there the previous evening.

They said: "Vans go up and down that road to make deliveries so it could be anything, if there is sand there then it may be a spillage.

"What the spillage could be though, we don't know."

The Northern Echo has contacted Darlington Borough Council for more information.