Durham Constabulary has confirmed that "no decision" on a new building has been made for Newton Aycliffe's police force who are set to be removed from their current home in the town in December.

Newton Aycliffe Police's future premises is still unknown four months before a ten-year lease at the Community Fire Station on Central Avenue is due to end.

Following the demolition of the police station in 2013, the force has shared offices with the fire service. This will end in December, and the police are now searching for a new building to house their officers.

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Durham Constabulary has now confirmed that it is no further forward with the search as the end of the lease looms.

A spokesperson for Durham Constabulary said: "We are continuing our search for suitable premises for a new police station in Newton Aycliffe and no decision has been made as yet."

This update comes nearly a month after a public meeting was held in Newton Aycliffe (July 26) attended by Police and Crime Commissioner Joy Allen who confimed the search for a new building was continuing. 

The Northern Echo: Residents at the meeting in Newton Aycliffe on July 26.Residents at the meeting in Newton Aycliffe on July 26. (Image: KAYLEIGH FRASER)

At the meeting, PCC Allen said: “We want premises in the centre of Newton Aycliffe, not outside, and that is easier said than done.

"We have been looking significantly around the area, but none have been identified as being suitable to house the police."

For Cllr Ken Robson, Independent Councillor for Aycliffe West, the lack of progress on the search for a new police station is very concerning.

He said: "Our police have let us down in a big way. They have had ten years to resolve this problem and at the end of ten years, they are telling us they have no place to put this station.

"And furthermore, there is no money to build one. I am really upset about this, and so are the rest of the people in the town."

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Angry residents have also previously had their say on the matter, with one former police officer who served in Newton Aycliffe, Richard Day, stating he was "disgusted" at the move.

He said: “As both a member of the public and a former police officer I’m disgusted. I am not surprised it has come to this.

“They say there is a crisis in the NHS, but I would go as far to say there is a crisis in policing as well which isn’t really seen. The officers know, but they cannot say.”