A fundraiser to take a "bubbly" five-year-old girl who sustained serious facial injuries from a dog to Disneyland has surpassed £2,000.

Young Farrah-Leigh Nichol, from Norton, Stockton, was rushed to hospital with devastating injuries to her face following the incident outside a Nisa store in Norton at around 5pm on Saturday, August 12.

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The Northern Echo: Farrah-Leigh Nichol in hospital

Two police vans and an ambulance attended the scene, with the dog subsequently being seized by police.

Following the incident, family and friends have rallied around the tot, setting up a GoFundMe fundraiser to take her and her family to Disneyland after what has been a traumatic time.

Donations have flooded in from well-wishers for the "beautiful" girl, with the total now standing at £2,128, moving ever closer to the £2,500 target.

One donator said: "Dear Farrah-Leigh, I really hope you get to Disney. I’m sorry you’ve been through so much at such a young age. My prayers are with you for a speedy recovery."

Another added: "Hope you get well asap lovely young lady."

Farrah-Leigh is now having skin graft operations on her left cheek, with her mum and dad, Danielle Kemp and Alex Nichol, by her side in hospital.

They have described the ordeal as a “horrific nightmare”.

Kirsty Lavender, a family friend, said the youngster had asked permission before stroking the dog, which turned on her. 

She said: “Farrah-Leigh is beautiful, funny, bubbly, polite, just an all-round amazing child. We are all hoping this doesn’t take her personality and confidence away.

"She is in good spirits, but is going to have to have another operation tomorrow." 

Kirsty, 32, said it is believed the dog was a 'pocket bully'.

She said Farrah-Leigh had been to the shop with her dad. They were on their way home when the incident happened. 

The Northern Echo:

Kirsty said: “They were coming out of the shop and were going to cross the road at the traffic lights when Farrah-Leigh said 'oh dad there's that dog' because the dog lives down the road from them. 

"She asked her dad if she could stroke him and her dad said 'we'll go and ask him' and they went and asked the man.

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"He said 'yes, of course'. Because it was nice when she stroked it on the head she stroked it underneath its chin as well and that is when it attacked. 

"The owner pulled the lead back and her dad scooped her up and ran home... So her sister Alexie-Leigh did see Farrah-Leig’s face, so I can’t imagine what she’s feeling. She’s with her nanna at the moment.”

Farrah-Leigh was taken to hospital where she had an operation and is due for a second this morning (August 15). 

To donate to the fundraiser, click here.