Seaweed drink pods that were given to runners at the Darlington 10k race on August 6 have been found scattered across grass next to the court.

Drink pods that were handed to runners as they completed the 10k run in Darlington yesterday have been discarded, images show.

More than 1,000 people came to the town for the runs, as a 3k, 10k and a Fun Run took place with many using the opportunity to raise money for charity.

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Attendees were then given drinks named an 'OOHO', which is a plastic alternative that uses seaweed to contain water, with a sign at the event stating they can be "safely eaten or discarded" and biodegrade in a few weeks.

However, several of the pods have been found littered on Carmel Road, with one resident calling them "unsightly".

The Northern Echo: The OOHO sign, explaining the drink pods.The OOHO sign, explaining the drink pods. (Image: NORTHERN ECHO)

The resident said: "I saw them when I was walking the dogs this morning and was confused at first when my dog started sniffing it.

"I then realised they were the drink pods from the 10k run that people have left on the floor.

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"I understand they are biodegradable so they will go away eventually but they are a bit unsightly."

The Northern Echo approached Darlington Borough Council who confirmed they are aware of the issue, and said that the pods will be cleared away.

They did not confirm whether the pods would be used again in the future.