A nurse who failed to keep his patients safe while working on a hospital ward has been struck off.

Philip Harvey Dry was working at James Cook University Hospital in 2018 as a band five nurse on the a high dependency unit when concerns were raised regarding his work.

It was alleged he made errors handing out medication and failed to recognise deterioration in patients.

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Dry, from County Durham, was also said to have failed to act appropriately on pain assessments, delayed blood transfusions, and made errors in documentation.

During a hearing by the Nursing and Midwifery Council in January 2022, all of the allegations were found proven and he had strict conditions imposed on him for 18 months.

But following a fresh panel hearing last week (Monday, June 26), which Dry failed to attend, it was decided he should be struck off and banned from the profession.

It was said he had shown no understanding of why his actions were wrong, and had failed to cooperate since October 2019.

The panel said: “Mr Dry has shown no further insight whatsoever into the concerns raised against him or demonstrated an understanding of why what he did was wrong and how this impacted negatively on the reputation of the nursing profession or how it had impacted the patient.

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“Mr Dry is liable to repeat matters of the kind found proved.”

The panel determined that it was necessary to take action to prevent Mr Dry from practising in the future and concluded that the only sanction that would adequately protect the public and serve the public interest was a striking-off order.

Dry left the South Tees NHS Foundation Trust in 2018 after the allegations were raised that February.

He will now be removed from the nursing register.