Body-worn footage captured after police arrived to deal with three people blocking a taxi containing an off-duty officer accused of offering a homeless women £10 for a sex act has been watched by a disciplinary panel.

PC Kevin Woof is accused of pushing the woman to the ground after dragging her into an alleyway in Newcastle City Centre after spending the day drinking and taking ‘poppers’.

The woman’s boyfriend intervened and Mr Woof ran from Dean Street in Newcastle City Centre and jumped into a taxi parked on Moseley Street before urging to the drive to ‘just go’, the misconduct hearing was told.

The couple and a friend, who heard the woman scream for help, ran up the hill where they blocked the road to prevent the taxi from leaving the scene before police quickly arrived.

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PC Samuel Patterson, of Northumbria Police, was one of the first officers to arrive at the scene and carried out a search of the alleged victim’s partner after Mr Woof alleged he was carrying a knife.

Footage of the search showed that the man was fully compliant with the officer, who found he was not carrying anything more threatening that a spoon but was warning officer the man was trying to flee the scene.

The body-cam picked up the alleged victim saying: “He has asked me for a ‘blow ***’ and then he has pushed me to the ground.”

Two other witnesses were recorded on the footage telling officers that the ex-Cleveland Police officer was acting strangely and was trying to cover his face while sitting in the taxi.

The Northern Echo: Dean Street in Newcastle where the alleged attack took place.Dean Street in Newcastle where the alleged attack took place. (Image: Google)

Giving evidence, PC Patterson was asked what he thought was going on when he was dealing with the three people blocking the taxi. He replied: “They were concerned about someone getting away in the taxi but at that point I wasn’t sure why.”

The taxi driver was recorded saying: “I tried to pull off and they just jumped in front of me. He was saying ‘this guy has just tried to rape my lass’.”

The tribunal heard how Mr Woof was celebrating after being told he was no longer under investigation following an accusation of rape following an earlier boozy night out.

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David Hewitt, who is representing Cleveland Police, said Durham Constabulary told the ex-policeman that the case was dropped on October 16, 2021, after the investigation was launched in May of that year.

The following day, he headed out into Newcastle to celebrate with his friend before they became separated after visiting two different city centre strip clubs.

Mr Woof, who hasn’t attended the hearing, denies his behaviour amounted to gross misconduct.

The hearing continues.