A key witness in a police officer’s disciplinary hearing has refused to leave his cell to give evidence about the alleged attack on his girlfriend.

The man, who is currently on remand in custody on a criminal matter, tried to intervene when PC Kevin Woof dragged his girlfriend into a city centre alleyway after offering her £10 to perform a sex act on him.

A criminal investigation into the alleged behaviour of the ex-Cleveland Police officer, who quit the force ahead of the misconduct hearing, was discontinued when the woman and her partner withdrew their support.

The chairman of the misconduct hearing panel, Adrian Phillips, allowed time for the witness to change his mind before adjourning the hearing until tomorrow morning (Friday, June 23) after the man pulls out of the case.

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David Hewitt, who is representing Cleveland Police, said: “He has refused to attend the video link. Efforts will be made to contact the alleged victim and hopefully, she will be able to give evidence at some stage.”

Mr Woof was arrested when the couple and a friend blocked the road to prevent him from escaping and he was found to have a bottle of ‘poppers’ in his pocket.

A search of his mobile phone records showed he had been searching for prostitutes and escorts in the Newcastle area minutes before he alleged to have dragged the woman into an alleyway.

Following his arrest, the experienced officer said he was the victim of an attempted robbery after he nipped into the alleyway to relieve himself before being threatened with a knife.

Earlier, the disciplinary hearing was told how the officer had bought Liquid Gold, commonly known as poppers, while he was out with a friend before texting him and telling him ‘I have f***** off to enjoy myself’.

Mr Hewitt said the woman’s boyfriend then intervenes believing that the ex-officer was going to rape her after throwing her to the ground.

The accused ex-officer then runs away and jumps into a taxi, demanding that the driver ‘just go’ but he was ‘sweating and shaking’ as the couple and a friend attempted to block the vehicle from moving.

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The tribunal heard how Mr Woof was celebrating after being told he was no longer under investigation following an accusation of rape following an earlier boozy night out.

Mr Hewitt said Durham Constabulary told the ex-policeman that the case was dropped on October 16, 2021, after the investigation was launched in May of that year.

The following day, he headed out into Newcastle to celebrate with his friend before they became separated after visiting two different city centre strip clubs.

Mr Woof, who hasn’t attended the hearing, denies his behaviour amounted to gross misconduct.

The hearing continues.