A teenager has told how a Christmas Day party ended in horror when a guest died after he was slashed across the throat.

Businessman Adam Jenkins is accused of murdering Simon Birch when the get-together descended into bloody violence.

CCTV footage from the evening has been released as jurors watched the horrific events unfold just before midnight when the fatal confrontation took place.

Newcastle Crown Court heard how there was a history of domestic violence between Mr Birch and the defendant’s sister, Emma Jenkins, and it was another row between the couple that soured the mood of the day.

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The witness, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said everyone was having a good time during the day but the mood changed on the night when the couple started arguing in a bar built in the rear of the businessman’s home.

In a video police interview played to the jury, the teenager said the pair started arguing again in the kitchen and Mr Birch pushed his partner over.

They said he followed her up the stairs and was kicking and poking her. "All of a sudden we heard a slap and Emma was on the floor," they added.

Jenkins, who had gone to bed earlier as he was sick of the arguing, was woken up by the disturbance when Mr Birch was shouting 'where's Emma?'.

The teenager said Jenkins 'tapped him' to get him out of his face before the pair then started fighting in the sitting room.

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Jurors heard how the teenager saw Emma Jenkins with a cut on her head and her hair was matted with blood while everybody else went outside.

They didn't see the incident happen but witnessed the aftermath. "They were carrying out CPR on 'Birchy' and Adam looked shocked, like he didn't know what to do,” they added.

Under cross-examination, Jeremy Dein QC, asked the teenager how they felt when the violence started between Jenkins and Mr Birch. They said: "I was terrified."

Describing the clash between Emma Jenkins and Mr Birch, they said it started when he pushed her over and continued on the stairs when he kicked her and poked her in the back.

"She shouted 'get away from us' as she went up the stairs," the teenager said.

Jurors heard how the youngster didn’t witness the fatal violence but did see the aftermath unfold outside the house.

Earlier in the trial jurors watched harrowing footage of the final confrontation between Jenkins and Mr Birch.

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Mr Fitzgibbon said the footage shows the defendant as the aggressor and it was 'planned and premeditated' as the jury watched the moment his throat was slashed.

He adds it was 'unjustified' as he didn't need to defend himself as there was no threat to him or anyone else from Mr Birch.

Jenkins, 36, of Sunderland Road, Newbottle, denies murdering 39-year-old Mr Birch on the evening of December 25, 2021. He also denies the charge of manslaughter.

The murder trial, which is expected to last three weeks, continues.