The harrowing CCTV footage of a man being fatally slashed across the throat following a family row on Christmas Day has been played to jurors on the first day of a murder trial.

Adam Jenkins was captured on his own security cameras walking towards his sister’s partner, Simon Birch, and apparently slashing him across the throat with a kitchen knife.

The 36-year-old will maintain that he acted in self-defence but Newcastle Crown Court heard it was ‘plain and simple murder’ when Mr Birch's throat was slashed.

The defendant, a successful businessman, was hosting a fun Christmas party at his home with a number of family members in attendance before it descended into fatal violence in the run-up to midnight.

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Jurors were shown footage of Jenkins jumping over a small wall outside his home before walking towards his alleged victim while carrying three kitchen knives.

Francis Fitzgibbon KC, prosecuting, said the footage clearly showed that Mr Birch was not threatening anyone at the time of the fatal slashing.

The Northern Echo: Simon BirchSimon Birch (Image: Northumbria Police)

"The killing was a culmination of a disturbance between Mr Birch and others which the prosecution say the defendant did not start but brought to a violent conclusion when he attacked Mr Birch,” he said.

“We say the defendant cut his throat deliberately, unlawfully and with the intention of either killing him or, at the very least, of causing him really serious physical harm. That, we say, makes it murder."

The alleged murder followed a confrontation between Mr Birch and other partygoers before the defendant reacted angrily after being awoken in his bed following the disturbance.

CCTV showed Mr Birch outside the property and as the defendant walked towards him, he opened his arm with his palms out to show that he was not holding anything.

The Northern Echo: The house in Newbottle, near Houghton-le-SpringThe house in Newbottle, near Houghton-le-Spring (Image: Contributor)

Mr Fitzgibbon added: “The defendant did not pause when he went up to Mr Birch. Almost instantly the defendant drew the knife quickly and firmly across the left side of his throat, causing unsurvivable injuries.”

The 999 call from the incident was played to the jury where, the prosecution say, a distressed Jenkins can be heard saying - “I’ve killed him”.

The accused’s partner, Natalie Shaw, can be seen tending to Mr Birch’s injury before he collapses to the floor with blood pouring from his wound.

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Mr Fitzgibbon said the footage shows the defendant as the aggressor and it was 'planned and premeditated' as the jury watched the moment his throat was slashed.

He adds it was 'unjustified' as he didn't need to defend himself as there was no threat to him or anyone else from Mr Birch.

Jenkins, 36, of Sunderland Road, Newbottle, denies murdering 39-year-old Mr Birch on the evening of December 25, 2021. He also denies the charge of manslaughter.

The murder trial, which is expected to last three weeks, continues.