A man has been banned from keeping animals for the third time after his Staffie suffered severely due to his neglect.

Staffie Rebel was underweight, had eye and ear infections, inflamed, itchy skin and a sore on his ribcage when he was found by RSPCA inspectors.

His coat was also soiled with faeces, he had overgrown nails and was lame from a previous injury to his left forelimb.

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Owner Stuart Eunson, 41, kept Rebel illegally after being handed a 10-year ban from keeping animals in 2020, which was imposed after he breached a three-year ban he was handed in 2018.

The Northern Echo:

Vets say Rebel unnecessarily suffered from his injuries and Eunson allowed his suffering by failing to seek treatment for the dog’s painful eye, ear and skin conditions along with other ailments.

Appearing before South Tyneside Magistrates Court earlier this month (March 1) Eunson pleaded guilty to breaching his 10-year ban on keeping animals and causing Rebel unnecessary suffering.

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Eunson, of Lucock Street, South Shields, was handed an 18-month community and banned from keeping animals for life. He was also ordered to carry out 15 days rehabilitation activity.

The Northern Echo:

RSPCA inspector Rowena Proctor said: “Not only did Eunson disobey court-imposed bans on keeping animals, but during this most recent incident, while it was still illegal for him to have a dog, he was keeping and clearly neglecting ‘Rebel’, a young Staffie in his care.

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“When I visited Eunson’s home in July 2022 following reports he was keeping an animal despite his ban, the defendant appeared at the door holding a white Staffordshire bull terrier which he handed over to me.

"The poor dog’s eyes were crusted closed, he smelled terrible and despite having a white coat, his legs were dark brown with what looked like faeces.

“Eunson confirmed that he understood that he was banned from keeping animals and while he allowed me to take the Staffie - called Rebel - to the vet, he refused to acknowledge the dog was his or to sign him over.”