As we march towards Spring and more of us venture out as the winter days wane, many are looking for a great place to grab a bite, have a chat and enjoy the (hopefully) warming weather.

After looking online, consulting residents, and working with various colleagues in the Echo's Darlington office, we have compiled a list of some of our favourite places to grab a bite (or drink) in the town centre.

While this is not a definitive ranking of the best places to grab lunch in Darlington, all of the eateries featured on this list provide some good grub.

With that being said (written), here are six of the best places to grab lunch in Darlington town centre.

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The Wandering Duck, Grange Road

The Northern Echo:

A favourite of one of our editors, The Wandering Duck (TWD) boasts a slogan of "Wander in, Waddle out."

With a quick glance of the menu, and accounts from various Echo staff members, this is not without merit.

The breakfast and brunch restaurant, located on Grange Road, carries an impressive range of sandwiches for those looking to indulge on their lunch break.

From the smoked salmon, cucumber and cream cheese bagel, to the pan-fried steak sandwich with onions and peppers, the venue has a wide range of delicious food on offer.

The sandwiches are serves from 12pm onwards along with salads, while various bar snacks such as marinated olives and salted pretzels are also available .

In fact, for those looking to grab a breakfast meal, which is served from 9am to 3pm, our very own Chris Lloyd reviewed the TWD and rated it an impressive 8/10.

Hash Bar and Kitchen, Coniscliffe Road

The Northern Echo:

This restaurant and bar, located on Coniscliffe Road close to Number Twenty2, is family run business open since 2015.

The eatery is known for its sandwiches, fries, and cocktails (though we would not recommend this on a work lunch break), and is beloved by many a Darlington resident.

This sentiment was certainly shared by our staff after one mentioned them in the discussion, and it was quickly met with approval.

The restaurant caters to a mix of palates, perfect for meat-eaters, vegetarians and vegans alike.

From a chicken shawarma, hummus and pickle sandwich, to a goats cheese and red onion marmalade sandwich, the venue carries a range of different sandwiches that all look tasty.

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The Black Olive Deli, Grange Road

The Northern Echo:

One of this writer's personal favourites, this delicatessen is a perfect place for a quick bite to eat.

Those looking for a filling lunch, with a bit of a treat, would do well to peruse their wide array of sandwiches and bagels which seemingly fly off the shelves at lunchtime.

This reporter's personal picks would be the beef and horseradish sandwich, the pasta selection, and even the pulled pork scotch egg (though admittedly this a bit heavy).

Outside of this, hungry visitors will be greeted with a range of baked goods and cheeses.

Adding to this, the deli has a selection of sweet treats including brownies, tarts and other decadent delights.

H Taylor & Sons Ltd, Skinnergate

The Northern Echo:

A favourite of our very own Andy White, 'Taylor's' carries loads of savoury pies and other meaty meals.

Their pork pies proved extremely popular among those working at the Echo, who seemed lost for words when describing them.

Outside of these takeaway options, the cafe also sports various meal options such as the mince slice, chicken curry, and roast beef and pork.

First established in 1922 by Harry Taylor, the business has spanned several generations of the same family and gradually expanded to become one of the regions most popular butchers.

For those looking for a good pie, or just some warm food, you certainly can't go wrong with Taylor's.

Falafel Fella, Clark's Yard

The Northern Echo:

This vegan-friendly falafel restaurant is located in Clark's Yard, just off Skinnergate past Al Forno.

The eatery boasts freshly prepared authentic Syrian food, with a menu offering various falafel deals along with desserts such as baklava and basbousa.

The fast food joint also offers chicken wraps, chips, hummus, halloumi wraps, and salad.

Adding to this, it sports other food such as babba-ganoush, Syrian flat bread, muhammara, matubl shwander, and fattoush.

Adding to the delicious food, the restaurant's owner also launched an earthquake relief fund for those in his native Syria, which you can visit here.

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Echo 3 Coffee House and Roastery, Clark's Yard

The Northern Echo:

This coffee house is loved by Darlington residents and has received rave reviews online to match this.

On TripAdvisor, Echo 3 currently holds a rating of 5/5 stars, with one reviewer calling it the "best coffee in Darlington by a mile."

Adding to its wide coffee selection, the shop also sells tasty baked goods such as tarts, cakes, brownies and flapjacks.

Additionally, the business is dog friendly which means those wishing to bring their furry pals along are free to do so.

This venue is a big favourite of our social media expery, and this comes as no surprise with the food and coffee possessing that 'instagrammable' quality.

If you feel we've missed any of your favourite places to grab a bite, be sure to let us know and we will do our best to give them a go.