A popular cafe has opened a new deli in a County Durham town this week and its owner expects his new venture to be a roaring success.

Corey Longstaff, 25, from Peterlee, owner of Secret Garden Cafe in Hartlepool, has opened a second store, the Secret Garden Deli in Horden this Monday (February 20).

He said he was motivated to open the delicatessen on Sunderland Road after he noticed there were a lack of cafes in the area.

Meanwhile, he said the expansion of his business to the area suited him as it was close to home and where his food was well-known among residents.

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The Northern Echo:

Speaking on the deli's opening, the challenges he's faced, and the reception it has received, he said: "It was really good, it was really busy."

"It was [busy], we sold out of nearly everything actually, so that was very good.

"That was by like 1:30pm to 1:45pm, so that was really good, wasn't expecting it.

"At first, we had a few electrical problems, [it] was tripping. Once everything was sorted it was great, [it] ran nice and smoothly."

"[We've] got a [great] team in with us to run the shop."

He said he believed his established online following has gone a long way to ensuring the success of his business, and said people travel from across the region to eat at his cafe.

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The Northern Echo:

Adding to this, he said the Horden deli team consists of five or six daily staff.

He added he had previously operated a shop in a similar location alongside a business partner, however this did not end well, and so he decided to pursue his new venture near his local town.

He said he was not worried about opening the store in the midst of the cost of living crisis, as he was certain there was sufficient demand in the area for his food.

He also said residents were delighted by his return to the town and were "buzzing" at the news of his opening.

Mr Longstaff started Secret Garden in Hartlepool in June last year, and has since amassed an online following of nearly 11,000 users.

The Northern Echo:

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Meanwhile, he said he was "over the moon" with the progress the business has made since opening.

Adding to this, he said he was looking forward to welcoming back familiar and fresh faces, and that he was "back in town."

The new deli will be open 8:30am to 3pm Monday to Friday, and 9am to 3pm Saturday to Sunday.