A popular pop-up food cart inspired by a hit BBC crime drama has announced it will be coming to this County Durham town for the first time ever.

Piggy Blinders, a pop-up food cart inspired by much-loved BBC series, Peaky Blinders, have announced they will be coming to Spennymoor for the first time on Saturday (February 11).

The street food provider, which usually serves sandwiches full of bacon, cheese, and various other decadent ingredients from a horsebox dressed like characters from the show, has said it will be providing food outside the New Volti pub on Dundas Street.

Former restaurateur, Heather Price, who runs Piggy Blinders with fiance Paul Purvis,  said the couple, from Castleside, near Consett, had previously run their own restaurant for 12 years but decided to go in a different direction.

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The Northern Echo:

Speaking on their business model, she said the cart has a symbiotic relationship with local pubs that do not do their own food, setting up outside to cater to their patrons and other passersby.

Ms Price said: "We travel around all over County Durham, [over] the North East basically.

"What we tend to do is put a shout-out to pubs that don't do food, so it helps their business as well. The idea is that you'd come to the venue, get some food, and go sit and eat inside.

"We sold that [our previous restaurant] in 2018. I guess we're kind of going in reverse to a lot of people because a lot of people do what we're doing now and then they'll go on to do the whole restaurant thing. We're doing it the other way around.

"The name has to be catchy, it was between 'Piggy Blinders' and 'Bacon Bad', at the time Peaky Blinders was really current and we thought we'd get a bit more from that."

"Having a restaurant is very, very hard work and we've got three children as well, it's really hard trying to find a quality of life at the same time.

"Now we've got the best of both, it's great.

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The Northern Echo:

She said their business has primarily catered to residents in Newton Aycliffe, Crook, Stanhop, and Bishop Auckland, but had yet to make the trip to Spennymoor.

She said the two were looking forward to serving their food to the Spennymoor community, and any visitors can expect to see the pair decked out in their flat caps.

The decision was greeted with excitement by residents who could not wait to get their hands on the food.

Ms Price added the stall has been operating since 2020, just before lockdown, and originally began running out of Durham Market Place on Saturdays.

The pair also ran a Spanish street food stall at the same time which catered to large events, but lost this due to the pandemic.

She said these experiences have given them the necessary tools to understand what customers want and that this is reflected in the food.

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The Northern Echo:

Ms Price clarified all the pictures of the "instagrammable" food shown on their social pages are not staged, rather photos are taken just before the meals are handed to customers.

"If it wasn't any good, we wouldn't have any returning customers" she added.

As part of the menu, they offer the 'Pig Mac' which is their own pork version of the popular McDonald's burger, as well as the 'Classic Blinder,' a double cheeseburger with bacon and a choice of sauce.