A popular coffee shop has opened the doors to a brand new café in a North East town.

Bentley’s Coffee Shop is the latest to arrive at Northshore One in Stockton.

The chain was launched in 2019 when Martin Smith left his job as a supermarket manager and used his redundancy pay to start the first café in Coulby Newham.

He now runs four cafes and employs around 20 people, including several members of his own family.

Just in September, he opened a Bently’s Coffee Shop in Boho One in Middlesbrough.

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The business is named after Martin’s partner Emily Bentley who also helps run it.

Last spring, engineering consultancy WSP moved to the same location and has since taken more space.

Later in the year, it was joined by Wood, another engineering and consulting business, and a third company Emmerson Process Management.

Just one-half of a floor – around 5,000 square feet remains available.

Mrs Bentley said she is confident the new café will prove extremely popular with the occupiers of Northshore One as well as people working nearby.

She added: “I think people from Teesdale Business Park will enjoy a walk across the Infinity Bridge and pop into Northshore for a lovely cup of coffee bite to eat.

“We’ve received huge warmth from the local communities where we’ve opened shops. 

“The Coulby Newham community, for example, is just brilliant and they’ve supported us throughout COVID times and now.  Our customers are just amazing.”

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Richard Wilson, senior associate with commercial property agency Dodds Brown, which helped bring the companies to Northshore and also manage the building, said: “This is a fantastic modern office building in one of the best locations in the Tees Valley.

“We are delighted that it’s accommodating such successful and impressive companies and we would like to hear from anybody interested in joining them.”

He added: “Bentley’s Coffee Shop is a great addition and I’m so pleased to see this local family-run business doing so well.”