Dog lovers looking for a new friend this year will be delighted to learn there are lots of dogs up for adoption across the North East.

As the New Year begins, many dogs across the region are waiting to meet their new owners and start their new lives.

Adoption centres across County Durham and Teesside have plenty of rescue dogs looking for a forever home.

We have compiled a list of seven pups hoping to bring some light into their new owner's lives.

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Rocky, Lurcher crossbreed - Appoxrimately 3 years

The Northern Echo:

Rocky has been described by the staff Great Ayton Animal Centre, in Middlesbrough, as a "beautiful young Saluki Lurcher" with tonnes of energy.

He lacks socilaisation so can be quite active and vocal around other dogs, and can appaqrently be quite "mouthy" in these situations.

However, staff have said he is able to make close bonds with people, and is very food motivated.

They believe he could make a great pet for the right home, providing he receives the proper training and socialisation.

Flash, Lurcher crossbreed - Approximately 2 years

The Northern Echo:

An affectionate, lively dog, his carers at Great Ayton have spoken glowingly about how much this boy enjoys a fuss and an open area to zoom around in.

A big fan of toys, this spritely furball will be your best friend given enough to get comfortable around his new owners.

For anyone with another dog, Flash is quite friendly with other dogs and gets on with them well.

The centre recommends he lives in an adult-only household.

Percy, Bull Terrier crossbreed - Approximately 1 year

The Northern Echo:

A brutish-looking dog who has been described by staff as anything but.

Instead, staff have said Percy is "a big softie" and an "affectionate goofball," but also a strong boy who often forgets how large he really is.

He's grown up in RSPCA care and is now ready to take the leap into his forever home.

Percy will need a steady introduction to the outside world, with the right environment needed to ensure his first experiences are positive.

To help achieve this, the staff at the centre have shared Percy's weakness for cheese, which has served as an exceptional bargaining tool.

In regards to training, he is picking up walking to heel very well, though it it important he be adopted into a household without children or other pets.

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Tip, Lurcher crossbreed - Approximately 2 years

The Northern Echo:

Tip has been described by Great Ayton Animal Centre as somewhat nervous around new people, but really friendly after getting to know them.

His new owners will need to be patient as he gets used to a new setting, helping to build up his confidence.

That being said, Tip loves a walk and gets on really well with other dogs, and would be suitable in a home with a similarly sized pup.

The centre recommends Tip's new owners live in a adult-only household, and be ready to help ovecome any anxiety.

Brody, German Shepherd - Approximately 6 years

The Northern Echo:

Brody originally came into RSPCA care after her previous owner could no longer care for her.

The six-year-old pup has been described as a "really sweet and friendly girl" after she become comfortable with people.

As such, the centre are looking for someone who would be able to visit her a few tims before adoption, so that she can become more accustomed to them.

They feel Brody would benefit from an adult-only household, with no other pets.

Badger, Labrador Retriever crossbreed - Approximately 6 years

The Northern Echo:

This Labrador and Cocker Spaniel cross oirginally came into RSPCA career after his previous owners could no longer care for him.

Badger was previously adopted, but was sadly returned after not settling well into that environment.

The shelter has described him as a "very busy, active boy" who will need to be kept physically and mentally stimulated.

Badger has previously had issues with another dog in a previous home, and as such, will need to be the only dog in his household.

Zuri, Husky (Siberian) - Approximately 10 years

The Northern Echo:

This beautiful Siberian Husky is an older dog looking for retirement home. 

Zuri sadly fell into Felledge Animal Centre's care after her previous owner could no longer care for her.

The shelter, located in Chester-le-Street, have described her as a very friendly dog who loves a good fuss and plenty of attention.

Due to her advanced age, she suffers from arthritis and will require ongoing medication to treat this.

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She can be adopted into households with children over 15, and gets on well with calm dogs.

A bit of a sleeper, she will fit in very well in a calm household where she can snooze all day.

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