A royal superfan has questioned the motivation behind Prince Harry's book while praising his father.

Anita Atkinson, 56, widely known as County Durham's most enthusiastic monarchist, has branded Prince Harry a "fool" after excerpts from his book regarding his brother and life leaked this week.

She said she and many members of the public do not care for his "whinging", and believes his actions will leave him alienated from his family.

This comes after parts of Prince Harry upcoming memoir, Spare, leaked detailing a clash with his brother, William, as well as his time serving in the army.

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The Northern Echo:

She said: "I don't know what this book is meant to achieve, I've got absolutely no idea.

"But, I [do] know something, I don't think there's many people particularly interested in someone born into privilege with the whole world at his feet just whinging on about his dad and his brother.

"I think it's reinforced people's support of the new king.

"I really don't understand what his goal is, what does he want people to do, to sympathise with him? Therefore, [if] you sympathise with him, you're against the monarchy, how does that help?

"I just cannot fathom it, I think he's a fool."

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Ms Atkinson, has been collecting royal memorabilia all her life and has around 12,000 items at her converted dairy farm in Weardale.

In a leaked excerpt from Prince Harry's memoir, the Duke of Sussex gives an account where he was knocked to the floor by his brother, William, the Prince of Wales, in a physical attack which left his necklace damaged and injured his back.

According to this account, the incident stemmed from William's disapproval of his brother's wife, Meghan Markle, who he labelled "difficult", "rude", and "abrasive."

Adding to this, Harry has also faced scrutiny for his claim to have killed 25 Taliban soldiers during his second tour of Afghanistan.

When talking about the contents of Harry's book, Ms Atkinson said siblings often do fight and criticised the prince for his decision to include it.

Meanwhile, she said she was left disappointed by the contents of his memoir, and believes his admission regarding his Army service could put him and his family in danger.

"Poor Harry, that went to Afghanistan and killed 25 Taliban, gets knocked on his bum by his brother, what a shame" Ms Atkinson added.

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"Saying he's killed 25 of the Taliban, is he a complete idiot.

"It's becoming really boring. I don't want anymore Royal drama, I like the pomp, but I really don't need to know about the new King's spoilt little brat of a son.

"I just think he's thrown away the opportunity of a lifetime."