A study has found Durham residents rank as the most glamourous in the UK this Christmas.

The research, conducted by bottomless brunch group, Fabulous Beyond Productions (FBP), found that Durham residents ranked first in the country based on searches for Christmas party outfits.

Interestingly, the region also ranks highest in searches for Christmas nails and glitter eyeshadow.

As of next month, searches for these terms are expected to reach more than 20,000 as excited Christmas partygoers prepare for nights out and dinners.

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Greg Hughes, owner of FBP, said: “Our drag hosts know a lot about being glamorous so it’s exciting to know where else in the country shares our passion.

"Despite the cost of living crisis, many will be preparing for their Christmas party by ordering new outfits and scheduling beauty appointments.

"Though a third of businesses are planning on scaling back their Christmas parties, it’s clear that the appetite for an end-of-year celebration is still high and these parties make for a great way to blow off steam before Christmas.

In previous years, the UK has spent an estimated £2.4 billion on Christmas outfits.

With the cost of living crisis and rising bills, there are fears less money could be spent this festive period.

According to one study, 36 per cent of businesses will be cutting back on their Christmas parties due to this.

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However, FBP has said their study found searches for the term “Christmas party outfit” have risen by 200% since the end of October, along with increases in other Christmas party searches.

In their study, they said Durham beat out competition from Preston, Bath, Hereford, Norwich, Cambridge, Glasgow, Chester, Belfast and Edinburgh to secure top spot.

Speaking on FBP's plans this Christmas, Mr Hughes said: "We have a handful of events on Mad Friday and we’re expecting it to be a similar vibe to previous years.”

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