Cat lovers looking for a feline friend will be delighted to learn there are dozens of cats up for adoption in the North East this winter.

The RSPCA's Great Ayton Animal Centre in Middlesbrough have plenty of rescue cats looking for a forever home this winter.

We have compiled a list of 10 moggies hoping to bring some light into their new owners' lives.

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Sox, Domestic Shorthair crossbreed - Approximately one-year-old

The Northern Echo:

This spritely little Tabby cat has been described as a lovely and shy cat, who is always happy to be fussed.

This precious little gentleman, aptly named for the colouring on his paws, is just looking for his next home.

As his age would indicate, Sox loves to explore and can live with children, however he would likely need to be the only pet in the house.

Trixie, Domestic Shorthair crossbreed - Approximately one-year-old

The Northern Echo:

Another Domestic Shorthair, Trixie arrived at Great Ayton after being brought in by one of their inspectors.

The centre staff describe her as a "sweet girl" who really enjoys fusses and attention.

Never afraid to voice an opinion, this cat can be very talkative and loves to explore her surroundings.

The centre recommends Trixie only be adopted by households with children at secondary school age, and also that she be the only pet in the home.

Oliver and Joey, Domestic Shorthair crossbreeds - three to six months old

The Northern Echo:

These two are thick as thieves, and most definitely a package deal for any prospective owners.

This bonded pair will need some time to acclimatise after coming to the centre from a multi-cat household, with both said to be quite nervous.

It will take a patient and understanding owner to take on these kittens, willing to build trust with the two and help them settle into their new home.

While both are said to be apprehensive, ginger cat Oliver is said to be the more confident of the pair and both love to explore.

Due to their disturbed start, it is important they live in an adult-only household with no other pets.

William, Harry and Charlie, Domestic Shorthair crossbreed and Domestic Semi crossbreed - three to six months old

The Northern Echo:

Not quite a terrible trio, but definitely a cute one, these three are awaiting their forever home.

Having all come from the same litter and been at the shelter together, these three would need to adopted with each other by any prospective owners.

William, the long-haired grey kitten, has been described by the centre as a very cheeky and inquisitive moggie who adores being petted and cuddled.

Meanwhile, Harry, the black and white kitten, has been labelled as all of the above as well as very inquisitive, as has his brother Charlie.

The boys are very much like any other active kitten, they love nothing more than to snuggle up with their siblings and play with them.

The three are considered suitable for a household with small children, though the centre recommends they not live with dogs.

Fred, Domestic Shorthair crossbreed - Approximately two-years-old

The Northern Echo:

This handsome lad came to the centre after he was sadly abandoned, and is now looking for new owner to shower him with love.

The centre describes Fred as a lovely boy who is coming out of his shell every day, and whose confidence is growing.

A cat who loves to explore and enjoys being fussed, this boy will still need time to grow familiar in a new setting.

The centre recommends he be the only pet in the household, and he be adopted by a home with adults only.

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Smokey, Domestic Shorthair crossbreed - Approximately nine-years old

The Northern Echo:

Smokey initially came to the centre after suffering a nasty wound to his face.

After receiving treatment, this older cat who the centre believes had been living rough for some time is looking for his forever home.

While apprehensive and unsure at first, centre staff have said after coming round to you, he will greet those he trusts with a head bump and let them fuss him.

Smokey will require a quiet home with very little stress and someone who is willing to give him enough time to settle, relax and enjoy life again.

For those looking to adopt, this will be made easier by his weakness for treats, which will make you his friend for life.

Archer, Domestic Shorthair crossbreed - Approximately three-years-old

The Northern Echo:

Archer is a shy and apprehensive cat who is still getting used to his surroundings.

Preferring his bed for most of the day, he likes to come out and play at night.

Due to his shyness, he is not the most receptive to people but he will let you stroke him a little bit.

Archer will need a quiet home and time to settle, meaning he likely will not be suitable for houses with children or other pets.

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