Just three days after celebrating her 21st birthday Vicky Glass disappeared from the streets of Middlesbrough where she had been forced to make her living to fund her drug habit.

Vicky was once a vivacious and carefree teenager but her life started to spiral out of control when she was around 18.

The Northern Echo: A carefree and happy Vicky GlassA carefree and happy Vicky Glass

The teenager started getting involved with people who exploited her and they took her down a path of drug abuse and she was subsequently sexually exploited.

As a vulnerable woman, Vicky was then pressured into working as a prostitute, and it was while involved in sex work on the streets of Middlesbrough, she disappeared.

Before her life went off the rails, Vicky was a much-loved member of the Kiora Hall jazz band in Roseworth area of Stockton for many years until she was 18.

Her family describe her as caring and loving but despite their best efforts they were unable to prevent Vicky’s descent into drug addiction, followed by abuse and being driven into a life of sex work.

Her family’s worst nightmares come true just days after she turned 21 on September 21, 2000 - within day she vanished from the streets.

Vicky was last seen being dropped off by a taxi driver at 4am, on Union Street at the junction Of Eshwood Square, Middlesbrough.

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She was missing from home for six weeks before her naked body was discovered at a remote spot near Danby, on the North York Moors.

A thorough search of the site where her body was discovered failed to turn up a single item of her clothing.

At the time, officers said this suggested that Vicky, who disappeared almost seven weeks ago, may have been murdered elsewhere, possibly on Teesside, where she was last seen alive.

For the last 12-months the case has been reviewed by Cleveland Police’s Historical Investigation Unit, led by Detective Chief Inspector Peter Carr, to reinvestigate her death using new forensic techniques, speaking to potential witnesses and looking at more than 2,000 hours of CCTV footage from the time of her disappearance.

The Northern Echo: Vicky Glass with her mother Debbie GoodallVicky Glass with her mother Debbie Goodall

Detectives are hoping to identify a lorry driver who was one of the last people to see Vicky alive after one of her friend’s came forward with new information.

The driver is described as male, white, 34 to 38 years old at the time, broad build and had a distinctive mole on his face.

Cleveland Police has released the CCTV footage in the hope that more people come forward to help with the investigation based on details they remember having viewed the footage.

The investigation team is extremely interested to speak to the lorry driver or anyone who might know his identity.

Four people have been arrested in connection with Vicky’s murder since 2000, but all have been released with no further action.

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