A disgraced police officer will have to wait to learn whether she has been barred from working for every force after admitting videoing herself committing a sex act while on duty.

Former PC Clare Ogden admitted her behaviour in Redcar police station constituted gross misconduct but denied two other videos found on her mobile phone contained sexual content.

The 40-year-old quit Cleveland Police after the allegations came to light and a two-day disciplinary hearing ruled that she had also committed gross misconduct by photography 72 images of sensitive police information.

The disciplinary panel heard how Miss Ogden then shared some of the photographs, including information about a registered sex offender because she thought it was funny.

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Mark Ley-Morgan, representing the force, said her actions were 'disgraceful' and called for her to be placed on the College of Policing's barred list after she was found guilty of gross misconduct.

He said: "This sort of behaviour is simply not acceptable and the message needs to go out that it is not acceptable for anyone else tempted to engage in wholly inappropriate behaviour."

Dealing with the sharing of sensitive date, he added: "Members of the public trust the police; they tell police very sensitive things, they tell police things that are very embarassing, often when they are in times of crisis.

"For them to think police officers will be have a giggle about it is appalling really and there is no other word to describe it.

"If this isn't going to undermine confidence in the police, I don't know what is."

The hearing was told how the ex-copper, who was based at the force's Redcar station, came from a policing family - her father served the same force for 30 years while her mother worked as a civilian employee for 27 years.

The former officers said she had never experienced embarrassment and shame like it when her illicit behaviour was exposed.

She said she wished she could turn back time and was left feeling devastated when she quit the force.

During her evidence, she said: "I wish I hadn't done it. It was a five to seven second moment of my life that I will regret for the rest of it."

Her legal representative, Aisling Byrnes, told the panel that her client had shown genuine remorse for her actions and had accepted full responsibility for her behaviour.

Miss Byrnes gave some of Ogden's mitigation behind closed doors due to the sensitive nature of the evidence.

Panel Chairman, Stephen Gowland, said a final ruling, which could result in the ex-copper being put on the barred list, would be published next week.

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