These are the postcode areas in the North East and North Yorkshire where power could be switched off today.

Northern Powergrid has confirmed that hundreds of homes across parts of the region are expected to be affected by the switch off on Friday.

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The power is being switched off temporarily in planned works so that the utility company can carry out repairs in the specified areas.

It comes as some planned power cuts in the region, due to take place yesterday, were cancelled.

The work from Northern Powergrid is not unusual and follows a similar pattern from all utility companies, who often carry out work to improve the network.

The list below is taken from the Northern Powergrid directly.

If your household has not yet received advanced communication about a planned power cut, you are not scheduled to see your supply cut off.

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In the North East, the following postcodes will see power restored by 3pm after some homes are cut off at around 9.30am.





DL11 (will be restored at 2pm)

NE19 (will be restored at 1pm)

The following postcodes will see power restored by 3pm after being cut off at around 10am.

YO62 6SJ

YO62 6RY

YO62 6SL

YO62 6RD

Several further North Yorkshire postcodes will be restored by 4pm after some homes are cut off at 9am.

YO17 8DU

YO17 8DS

YO17 8DT

And on Teesside, some homes in the following postcode area will have power restored at 5pm after it was cut off at 7.30am.


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