A host of shops and businesses in a North East town have "gone pink" to show support for a cancer charity this week.

Various Barnard Castle businesses have turned their shop windows pink and decorated their doors after encouragement from the Teesdale branch of Cancer Research UK .

This comes as part of Cancer Research's 'Turn Barney Pink' campaign launched this week, which is aiming to raise money and support for the charity.

Sue Birdsall, 60, hairdresser and owner of Hair Studio, from Richmond, took part in the campaign, and said she was delighted the community was rallying behind the cause.

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The Northern Echo:

She said: "The reason I first started raising money for Cancer Research was I lost my brother-in-law, who was the same age as me, when he was 37.

"I lost two very close friends [to cancer].

"Loads of businesses took part, it just brought the whole town together.

"It was good, it was really good."

The Northern Echo:

In support of the event, she said the hair salon, which is located on Galgate, decorated its windows.

She also said they made bows and pom-poms, which were donated by Barnard Castle residents to Cancer Research.

Adding to this, Ms Birdsall said she advocated for the campaign in the town as part of her role on the Cancer Research committee.

She said she has been on the committee for nearly ten years and started fundraising after the death of her brother-in-law.

The Northern Echo:

Chris Taylor, area manager for Boyes in Barnard Castle, when speaking on why Boyes decided to take part, said "I think it's an important thing for the community.

"Within Barnard Castle, we are part of the community, and we are part of the town centre, so we take part in any of the local events because it's good to keep the entire community together.

"It's been good, very positive. [We've had] very positive feedback coming in from customers.

"It's a massive cause, it hits very close to home for myself because a couple of my family members have suffered [with it], and I actually suffer from a genetic disorder that increases my chances of getting cancer as well.

"Everyone at some point has had someone who's been affected by it. I think it's really important everyone gets behind it."

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The Northern Echo:

He said the retail giant took part in the window display, held a staff walk day, and held a raffle to raise money for the charity.

The shops adorned themselves with pink flowers, balloons, ribbons, bunting, and other decorative material to show their support.

The campaign took £5 to take part in and featured big retailers such as Costa taking part.

Other local businesses such as Riley's barbers, Clarendon's cafe, Barnard Castle Post Office, 

A Teesdale Cancer Research spokesperson estimated the charity's event has so far raised close to £1,500, and said they hope to make this an annual event.

The Northern Echo:

The campaign ran from from Saturday, October 8, to Saturday, October 15.

It has received support from the support from Teesdale Action Partnership (TAP) which has given £300 towards the cause through the neighbourhood budgets of Cllr Richard Bell, Cllr Ted Henderson, Cllr James Rowlandson and Cllr George Richardson.

Here are some images of other shops who also participated:

The Northern Echo:

The Northern Echo:

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The Northern Echo:

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