Drivers in Darlington have been left stunned when they reportedly spotted a large white animal galloping towards them.

Those on the A66 noticed cars slowing down in front of them and expected to come across emergency vehicles.

However, they were left astonished when a large white llama sprinted past them - and the moment has been caught on camera.

James Tadman, who took a viral video of the apparent incident near the Darlington Arena, tweeted: "Not every day you see an alpaca galloping down the A66 near Darlington."

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The Tweet, viewed by over 300,000 people from across the UK, has since gone viral with plenty of people theorising where it might have come from. 

Speaking to the Northern Echo, James told us: "It was near The Northern Echo Arena going towards the A1.

"We were driving and the car in front slowed down, so we pulled over thinking police car, ambulance, or fire engine was coming past, and then saw thing white, horse-like animal running past.

"As it was in such close proximity, we worked out it wasn't a horse, it was a llama. It was running down the road with cars slowly following it."

Following the video going viral, people were quick to find the light-hearted side of things, although it has not been confirmed where the llama has come from.

One social media user said: "Considering that there are alpacas and camels at a farm nearby, it's probably more common than you would think. 

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Others quipped that "at least it stayed on the right side of the road", and that it looks like the "first sign of the alpacalypse". 

Though there is no information available about where the animal came from, a local alpaca farmer said that many people kept them as pets in the field around the A66, so they may have escaped.

The Northern Echo contacted Durham and Cleveland Police for comment.

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