Penny Lancaster was seen policing the Queen’s funeral procession in central London today (September 19).

Lancaster, a TV presenter and former model, is married to Sir Rod Stewart and in April 2021 she became a special police constable for City of London Police after completed her training.

On Monday, she was pictured navigating herself through busy crowds in the area surrounding Westminster and Buckingham Palace.

She was in uniform, wearing the red and white chequered sleeve and cap bands of the force.

The Northern Echo: Sir Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster meeting the Queen in 2016 (Jeff Spicer/PA)Sir Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster meeting the Queen in 2016 (Jeff Spicer/PA) (Image: Jeff Spicer/PA)

Video saw her walking alongside a City of London Police colleague as they moved between members of the public who were waiting to see the procession to pass by.

After appearing in Channel 4’s Famous And Fighting Crime, which sees celebrities swap their day jobs with those of emergency service professionals, Lancaster began volunteering with the force.

In November last year, Sir Rod spoke about her move on The Graham Norton Show, saying: “She trained for eight months, and she loves it. I backed her all the way.

“She says she loves giving something back, but more importantly she wants to protect the city she loves.”

The Queen's life in pictures

Although London’s 2012 Olympic Games saw up to 10,000 police officers on duty per day, the Queen’s funeral marks the conclusion of what is being regarded as the biggest security operation the UK has ever seen.

Lancaster met both the Queen and the now King multiple times when her husband performed for them as well as during charity events over the years.

On Good Morning Britain last week, she recalled fond memories of dancing with the King on his 60th birthday.

During her appearance on the show, she also praised Queen Elizabeth II for her “omnipresence” as “she could be everywhere all of the time for everyone”.

Sir Road Stewart and Penny Lancaster got married in 2007.