Horrified residents have reported a sudden increase in flies invading homes throughout Darlington as they take up desperate measures to keep their living spaces clean.

Hundreds of people throughout the town have been forced to swiftly act to remove the insects, with some creating DIY traps to crackdown on the issue.

Others shared images of electric fly swatters they have bought to tackle the ongoing issue.  

Darlington councillor Mike Renton shared his concerns over the increase in insects in the Albert Hill area of the town before dozens other residents reported a similar issue in other communities.

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Cllr Renton said: “FLIES EVERYWHERE!

“In the last few weeks, I have been contacted by many residents concerned by the amount of flies in the Albert Hill area. I have seen fly-tape filled with hundreds of flies from just 24 hours. I live on Central Park (half a mile away) and this is a picture of our tape since this morning. We have a problem!

“I spoke to Environmental Health this afternoon, the third time I have spoken to them on this issue since being elected, and the source of the infestation remains the same. The problem is that the company in question is governed in their operations by the national Environment Agency, so in practice the Council has no jurisdiction over them.

“That being said, the Council has been in touch with the company and once again given advice on dealing with the matter. But more importantly, we are pushing the Environment Agency to take enforcement action if the issue persists... Because we have all had enough!”

Cllr Renton added that officers from the Environment Agency were due to visit Darlington on Wednesday to investigate the fly issue.

The Northern Echo: Resident Shirley Howarth has purchased an outdoor-hanging fly trapResident Shirley Howarth has purchased an outdoor-hanging fly trap (Image: Shirley Howarth)

Resident Shirley Howarth has purchased an outdoor-hanging fly trap after seeing an increase in flies in and around her house. She said:”The flies are really terrible this last month but at the weekend was the worst this is what we had hung at our back door almost full after a few days.”

Gemma Musgrave hung fly tape from the ceiling in her living room and kitchen and quickly found they became full.   

One woman said the fly issue has led to maggots in her outdoor bins. “I'm over Lingfield point and the flies are ridiculous,” she said. “I opened my wheelie bin yesterday and thousands of them flew out and I could see maggots despite me bagging all rubbish and having it cleaned regularly. I've lost count how many have been in the house today."

And another person added: “It’s not just up Albert Hill, I live up Lascelles area and the amount of flies is the worse I’ve ever seen. My house is full of them, and as many as I kill, there’s more to replace them.”

The Northern Echo: Gemma Musgrave hung fly tape from the ceiling in her living room and kitchen Gemma Musgrave hung fly tape from the ceiling in her living room and kitchen (Image: Gemma Musgrove)

Darlington council said the influx in flies is thought to be coming from Wards scrapyard on Cleveland Street and urged residents to report any fly issues to the Environment Agency on 0800 807060.

A statement from the authority and the environment agency read: “The premises concerned operates under an environmental permit issued by the Environment Agency which is the regulator in this case.

“Darlington Borough Council has raised residents concerns and have been working with the Environment Agency on this issue and the agency is investigating the matter.

“We will continue to work together and take any action that may be necessary.”

Wards scrapyard was contacted for comment.

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