Today temperatures are set to continue being high as the region faces another hot and humid day.

Here’s our hour-by-hour forecast so you don’t have to guess what the weather will do next.

There will be some lights winds which will make the temperature feel a little cooler, with highs of 29c expected today.

At one point today, Darlington will be hotter than London, with temperatures in Darlington peaking at 29c at 3pm and 4pm, and 28c in London between 2pm and 6pm.

The Northern Echo: Another scorcher is predicted in Darlington today. Picture: AJA DODDAnother scorcher is predicted in Darlington today. Picture: AJA DODD

The Met Office has revealed that today will be largely sunny with high UV levels.

This forecast is for Darlington:

8am - 16c, feels like 16c.

9am – 19c, feels like 18c.

10am – 21c, feels like 20c.

11am – 24c, feels like 23c.

12pm – 26c, feels like 24c.

1pm – 27c, feels like 26c.

2pm – 28c, feels like 27c.

3pm – 29c, feels like 28c.

4pm – 29c, feels like 28c.

5pm – 28c, feels like 27c.

6pm – 28c, feels like 26c.

7pm – 27c, feels like 25c.

8pm – 25c, feels like 24c.

9pm – 23c, feels like 23c.

10pm – 21c, feels like 22c.

11pm – 20c, feels like 20c.

Pollen levels remain medium today (Wednesday, August 10).

It’s best to avoid sun exposure between 11am and 3pm but if you have no choice, remember to wear a sunscreen, shades and a hat to avoid a sunburn.

At the moment, temperatures are looking very similar in Darlington for tomorrow’s forecast.

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