If you live on Teesside and hear a loud bang one evening this week, this may be why.

Explosives will be used to demolish the second half of the Redcar Sinter Plant, creating a loud bang that will be heard across the Teesside area.

The demolition programme at Teesworks got underway last year.

The first half of the demolishion process happened in June, The Bunker Bay and Screenhouse of the 50metre tall structure were levelled following the detonation.

The second half of the demolition will take place this Thursday (August 11) at 7pm.

Levelling this site will create investor-ready land for the Net Zero Teesside project, Tees Valley Combined Authority has said.

A number of large structures in Redcar have already been levelled, including the adjacent Stock Houses, hundreds of metres of high-level conveyor, the area workshops and numerous raw materials handling facilities such as the Flux Bunker and Ore Bunker.

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Tees Valley Mayor Ben Houchen said: “This latest scheduled demolition shows the great progress we’re making to get the site ready for global investors. Half of the Sinter Plant was brought down in June and now the rest is set to be blown down, clearing the land for investment and jobs.

“In some ways it’s bittersweet. These structures are some of the reminders of long-lasting careers in iron and steel that were taken on by thousands of people in the local community. But, as with all of the process, we’ve been capturing the transformation so the next generations can learn what the site meant to us, and the importance of what it’s becoming.

“Now it’s time to look to the future and move forward. Out of the rubble of our site, we’re forging thousands of new jobs in the good-quality, well-paid industries of tomorrow. The Sinter Plant has been demolished to clear the way for Net Zero Teesside, a £1.5billion investment led by bp for a world’s first gas-fired power plant with carbon capture and storage facilities.

“This alone will bring around 5,500 jobs in the construction phase alone. Elsewhere, work is continuing on SeAH Wind’s mammoth £400million offshore wind monopile facility, and more demolitions in the coming months will pave the way for ground-breaking schemes like Circular Fuels’ waste to renewable gas plant.”

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