A mum has told of her “living nightmare” after tiles started coming off the walls in her new £18k bathroom and she was left bathing her kids in the sink.

Emma Thompson from Billingham, near Stockton has forked out £18,000 so far to the Unique Bathroom Company on her new bathroom and en-suite which she says have been left in a shocking state and have failed to meet her expectations.

Work on the renovations, which started in January, is still unfinished after tiles started coming off the walls, ceramics have been left chipped and leaks started to appear.

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Emma, a self-employed mum with two toddlers under two, told The Northern Echo: “It’s just been a nightmare, I don’t think never-ending even touches the surface.

“The tiles started coming off the walls, some of them are chipped or wonky, and we’ve had leaks that have come through the ceiling into my kitchen.

The Northern Echo: Emma says the work was not up to standard. Picture: EMMA THOMPSONEmma says the work was not up to standard. Picture: EMMA THOMPSON

“I even had to bath the kids in the kitchen sink for two weeks when they took the bath out.”

Emma chose the Seaham-based company after seeing their posts on social media, including bathrooms they had completed for Geordie Shore stars Chloe Ferry and Sophie Kasaei.

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The Unique Bathroom Company has more than 11,000 followers on Instagram and almost 5,000 likes and a five-star rating on Facebook.

The Northern Echo: Emma says the bathroom is not up to standard.Emma says the bathroom is not up to standard.

Miss Thompson added: “They came to start the work in January and it should have only taken a few weeks but they didn’t finish til April and they’ve still not finished it properly.

“It got delayed when two of the fitters got covid, which they can’t help, but after that they just fitted us in in between jobs.

“We’ve paid all but £1,000 for the bathroom and en-suite but I think it needs ripping out and starting again.”

The Northern Echo: Emma ThompsonEmma Thompson

Emma says more tiles have started coming loose from the walls and she has been left with a damp patch on her kitchen ceiling.

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In response, Daryl, owner of the Unique Bathroom Company told The Northern Echo he is committed to resolving the problems for the Billingham mum.

He said: “We have had a few issues with Emma’s bathroom but we aren’t walking away from it.

“Our fitters are going back to sort this and we are going to get the problems resolved. We have been out to the customer several times and have always rectified any issues each time.

The Northern Echo: Emma says the lights have not been installed properly.Emma says the lights have not been installed properly.

“We will be going out soon to try and fix all of the issues Emma has brought up and expect this to take about a week.

“A lot of the issues have come from the tiling, and the tiler who did Emma’s bathroom no longer works for the company. I’m sure people can appreciate getting good tradespeople isn’t the easiest job in the world but we would rather do the job properly and not have more issues come up again.”

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