OSCARS news from across the pond has sent the internet into a frenzy after reports came in of Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Academy Awards. 

Comedian Chris Rock, made a joke about Smith's wife Jada Pinkett Smith's shaved head, jokingly comparing her to GI Jane. 

This prompted Pinkett Smith to roll her eyes and Smith to walk onto the stage and slap Chris Rock. 

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According to Pinkett Smith's Red Table Talk, she has discussed suffering from the medical condition alopecia.  

We asked our readers what they thought of the altercation and whether they thought the slap sets a bad example for children. 

The Northern Echo: We asked readers about the Will Smith slap We asked readers about the Will Smith slap

Reader Clare Hindmarsh said: "Both of them were in the wrong, Chris Rock for trying to get cheap laughs from someone else's health condition, Will Smith for using violence to vent his anger.

"His crocodile tears and sickening speech was nothing more than damage limitation on his behalf. He knew he had made a massive mistake and was trying to get sympathy on his side - sickening.

"Sadly, nothing will happen to Will Smith, he is worth too much to the industry, Chris Rock will probably never present again."

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Kathy Cracknell said: "Physical abuse is not acceptable and that message that assaults are okay in the USA is the wrong message.

"Will laughed at the joke first, till (sic) he saw her face...disgusting behaviour. Wrong, just wrong people!" 

Mark Auton defended Will stating: "It was a controlled slap to demonstrate there are lines you don't cross when it comes to publicly poking fun at one's appearance due to a chronic medical condition.

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"Of course, it's not setting a good example but sometimes emotions get the better of us. Team Will all the way." 

Eva Leighton said: "Sometimes ‘comedy’ can go a bit too far but Will reciprocated with an equally OTT (sic) response.

"He should have risen above it, rolled his eyes maybe and pretend yawned, knowing the cameras would be on him.

"That would have had a more profound effect and lessened the impact of the bad joke. His wife should have joined in and kept their dignity intact."

Charlotte Rose McAdam said: "I think it could have been dealt with in a more appropriate manner, offstage and away from the cameras.

"The joke had obviously offended his wife (Smith was laughing before he realised his wife was offended), he should have accepted his Oscar and taken Rock aside and had an adult conversation." 


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