A YORK MP has written to the Home Secretary to call for the removal of North Yorkshire's Crime Commissioner following his controversial comments in the wake of the Sarah Everard case.

Commissioner Philip Allot sparked fury when he said in a recent interview that Sarah should never have “submitted” to her arrest and that women should be more 'streetwise' about the legal process around arrests.

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Sarah, a Durham graduate from York, was raped and killed after police officer Wayne Couzens falsely arrested and kidnapped her.

This week York Central MP, Rachael Maskell, has written to Priti Patel, to call for the removal of Mr Allott after his remarks sparked a furious backlash from constituents.

In the last few days Ms Maskell has received a high number of e-mails from constituents who share her views that the remarks made by Mr Allot at the weekend were very insensitive in the wake of the Sarah Everard case.

The Northern Echo:

Sarah Everard

Ms Maskell said: "To show such insensitivity and ignorance about violence against women and girls demonstrates that Mr Allot is not only unfit to hold the post he does, but is incapable of restoring the faith of women in the police.

"This is very serious indeed.

"I can’t imagine how hurtful his comments were to Ms Evarard’s family, suggesting that she had alternative choices she could have made."

Ms Maskell has also requested a meeting with the Chief Constable for North Yorkshire to discuss her concerns about Philip Allot’s remarks and will be meeting her shortly to discuss how women can be safe in their communities and how faith can be restored in the police.

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Since making the comments, Mr Allott has acknowledged by Tweet that his comments were insensitive and he said he wished to retract them in full. 

But Ms Maskell believes his position is now untenable and she refers to a national petition calling on him to resign which is gathering much attention on Change.com.

She said: “I have written to the Home Secretary, as she is one of the few people who has the powers to remove Mr. Allot from his position.

"The previous PFCC led the way in addressing misogyny and hate crime against women but unfortunately all that work has been undone by Mr Allot who seems intent on victim blaming rather than tackling the problems within the police.

"This is what he was elected to do when he was appointed last May and it is clear he is not up to the role.

"Rather than make women safe, he has further dented confidence in the police.

"Women are now telling me that they do not have confidence that the police understand gender-based violence and would not have confidence in speaking to them.

“Since Mr Allot made his remarks it has come to light that the Metropolitan Police have received a number of complaints about Sarah’s perpetrator and the wider police force.

"While further investigations are already underway, there are now serious questions placed on the integrity of the police.

"It has come to light that Sarah’s murder was known as ‘the rapist’ amongst colleagues; not a name given to someone without there being reason.

"Tragically, if police had acted sooner, Ms Everard may still be alive.

“I do recognise that the police across the force are equally appalled by what is happening as they strive to keep women and girls safe, and are there to prevent violent acts against women.

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"Everyday they put on their uniform to serve us and keep us safe, putting themselves in danger as they do so.

"While a few have broken that trust between the police and the people, I am confident that the majority will rebuild that trust and ensure that such failures are never repeated again.

“I hope the Home Secretary will listen to me and the many other people who are calling for Mr Allot’s resignation.

"He needs to go now without further delay before more harm is done.

"Now is not the time to go into hiding but to do the right thing and go.”

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