BORIS Johnson was “outraged” by a Tory police commissioner who said women “need to be streetwise” in the wake of the Sarah Everard case.

Wayne Couzens, a Metropolitan Police officer, falsely arrested Ms Everard as she walked home in south London before raping and murdering her.

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North Yorkshire police, Fire and Crime Commissioner Philip Allott said Ms Everard “never should have submitted” to the arrest.

He later apologised but Tory chairman Oliver Dowden said the Prime Minister “profoundly disagreed” with Mr Allott and his “stupid” comments.

In a BBC interview on Friday, Mr Allott said: “So women, first of all, need to be streetwise about when they can be arrested and when they can’t be arrested.

“She should never have been arrested and submitted to that.”

Mr Dowden told Sky News: “The Prime Minister and I were outraged by what he said.

"It was completely unacceptable.

“I have been very clear in condemning it but I know the Prime Minister shares that view.

“He did immediately apologise and I think that’s appropriate for him to do so.”

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Asked whether Mr Allott would be able to stand again for election to the role, Mr Dowden said: “I’m not going to pre-empt the selection process.

“The Prime Minister and I profoundly disagreed with what he said, it was a stupid thing to have said and he has rightly apologised for it.”

Mr Allott said he realises his comments “were both misconceived and insensitive and have caused upset and distress”, adding: “Clearly, I have much to learn, so as well as committing to working ever more closely with subject-matter expert colleagues in my own organisation and beyond, I will be seeking meetings as soon as possible with local partner organisations across North Yorkshire and the City of York that provide services to tackle male violence against women and girls, in order to deliver on their concerns and broaden my understanding of the issues.”

North Yorkshire Fire Brigades Union Brigade Secretary Steve Howley said: "Over the past 24 hours I have received an unprecedented amount of correspondence from FBU members regarding Mr Allott's comments - the common theme is outrage.

"In a situation where the focus should be on the tragic rape and murder of Sarah Everard and love for her family and friendship, his comments have shifted focus to his own outrageous and perspective-less comments.

"All public sector leaders that deal in trust should be reflecting on the lessons that can be learned from this tragedy and looking at how this can be avoided in the future, rather than blaming victims.

"This criticism and concern is not in regard to rank-and-file police officers but in relation to the comments made by the PFCC.

"Given the laws that surround the election of PFCCs and MPs Mr Allott's future is largely in his own hands. FBU members have made clear to us what his next steps should be.

"Our members universally condemn Mr Allott's comments and perspectives on this tragedy, and I can assure the public it is not reflective of the views of North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service and the membership of North Yorkshire Fire Brigades Union"

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