A SEVEN-week old puppy was found dumped in a sealed cardboard box at the side of the road in Darlington. 

The dog was found by a man out walking at Bishopton Lane, Sadberge, on Sunday, September 5 and has prompted an appeal from the RSPCA. 

The man came across a cardboard box dumped in some bushes and could hear noises coming from inside so went to investigate and came across the poor pup.  

He took the pet - who he named Lucky - to a nearby vets and the dog was found to have a highly contagious skin infection called sarcoptic mange. 

This condition had been left untreated and caused fur loss and because of this it is not known what breed of dog Lucky is - but thought to possibly be a Spaniel.

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The RSPCA is now investigating the incident with animal rescuer inspector Krissy Raine keen to find the person responsible for this “callous act”.

She said: “Lucky had been left without any food or water and it was fortunate she was found or this terrified pup would have suffocated in this box frightened and alone. 

 “This is such a callous act - someone has made the decision to tape up this poor defenceless puppy in a box and then walk away without further thought for her. She clearly meant nothing to them.

“I am keen to find the person responsible for this horrendous act of cruelty."

The Northern Echo:

The RSPCA said Lucky was recovering well under veterinary care and is expected to make a full recovery, however Krissy is concerned that someone has been capable of abandoning her in such a horrific way.

She also raised concerns that the parents of this puppy and any siblings may also be at risk of being dumped if they also developed the infection.

“I am keen to find the person responsible for this horrendous act of cruelty," she added. 

“I am concerned that if the parents of this puppy or her siblings are also infected with this skin condition that they may suffer a similar fate. 

“It is highly contagious so it is likely that some of them will also be affected with this condition.

“It seems the person responsible was happy to have puppies but when they saw this one needed veterinary treatment they decided to discard her like rubbish at the side of a road. 

“It really is fortunate Lucky was found and am grateful to the man for taking her to the vets.”

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Krissy is keen to hear from anyone  who may have seen something suspicious in the area before she was found.

She is also keen to hear from anyone who knows of someone with a litter of puppies similar to this dog - or if anyone has been offered a puppy like this for sale.

She added: “It is never acceptable to dump animals in these circumstances. If you are struggling to care for your pets, please reach out to friends, family and charities like the RSPCA, rather than leaving them to an uncertain fate.”  

Once she has been returned to health Lucky will be found a new home.

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